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Different methods to treat heartburn

By RefluxMD Acid Reflux In Health & Fitness Posted On September 20,2019 0 Comments

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There are plenty of people who unfortunately suffer from acid reflux or heartburn and the chest pains which accompany it. It is also referred to by its medical name Gastro Reflux Disease and is known to become quite prolonged in certain cases. But it is treatable and quite manageable also. You can treat this disease in several ways but it will vary from individual to individual. However in order to know the treatments of this ailment, you should first learn about the causes behind this disease. This article will help you in learning about some of the best ways for treating acid reflux and heartburns.

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1. Homemade solutions that you must try: Generally you will be able to treat your acid reflux problem with several homemade natural solutions. One of the main benefits which you can get from your natural remedies is the fact that there are no side effects. Side effects are unfortunately associated with other forms of medications. But by using natural solutions then you can not only improve the digestion of your body but also the heartburns. 

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Homemade solutions to treat acid reflux will involve common ingredients like some baking soda. You can easily get baking soda in several household kitchens. Baking soda can help in reducing gas buildup in the stomach and can reduce stomach bloating. If you want to use baking soda as a solution, then you need to dissolve a bit of baking soda in a glass of drinking water and then drink it up. Along with baking soda, ginger can aso be helpful. You should try to grate a bit of ginger and then fry them lightly and put them in your food. Or you can consider trying ginger tea. Garlic cloves and aloe vera juice are also potent ingredients that can reduce heartburn.

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2. Use strong medicines: Home remedies would generally work well but when they do not then one may try medicines and drugs. You can find a lot of antacids and proton pumping inhibitors that are readily available over the counter in medicine and drug shops. Acid reflux is caused because of acid which is stored in the stomach and medicines will help in absorbing these acids and reducing the heatburn. However, it is still recommended that one try the natural remedies first and then go for drugs and medications as these may result in side effects.

3. Opting for a surgery: When the medications and the natural remedies are not proving to be useful enough in removing heartburn then one may consider going for a surgery. Such surgeries are quite common and are called the Nissen Fundoplication Surgery. This surgery is done by cutting little incisions and draining the extra acid out.

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Natural remedies like ginger tea, baking soda can help you get relief from acid reflux.

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