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Few Common Things to Know about Acid Reflux

By RefluxMD Acid Reflux In Health & Fitness Posted On March 12,2018 0 Comments

Acid reflux is not a physical disorder; it can be regarded as physical state or condition when we consume foods that contain high percentage of acidic substance. It can also be regarded as a physical condition when we consume oily foods or fast foods. As a result, we suffer from indigestion problem. Due to indigestion issue, percentage of acidic substance in our stomach increases. Typically, acid reflux can happen to everyone. Hence, it is important to learn about this physical condition in more depth. To understand it, you need to know about a few facts on this physical condition. Those facts are discussed below.

1. It is Not Just Heartburn

Acid reflux is often connected or correlated with heartburn. It is true that heartburn is a common aftermath of acid reflux, though it may not lead to heartburn in all cases. In some cases, acid reflux could be mild and symptoms would be quite basic or simple. Lack of appetite, little vomiting tendency and many other symptoms are there. Instead of heartburn, many people face chest paining due to acid reflux. It is equally concerning like heartburn due to acidity or indigestion. So, what is acid reflux? What are the symptoms? Answering these questions precisely would be easy. Various symptoms are there and various reasons could also be there behind its occurrence.

2. Common during Pregnancy

Pregnant women generally face frequent heartburn and acid reflux issues. This is a common symptom during this period, as body undergoes a lot of changes. Hormonal changes bring digestive problems. Acidity level of body also increases. There could be many other physical changes. Normal digestion ability is hampered during this critical time. As a result, acid reflux or heartburn has been experienced by pregnant women. This has been typically faced at rapid scale during first trimester of pregnancy. Gradually, it fades out in other trimesters. During this time, it is absolutely important to opt for balanced dieting. One must avoid fast foods and oily stuffs.

3. Heartburn Triggering Elements

Certain foods and lifestyle are the major reasons behind chronic acid reflux. A few elements are there which are known for triggering heartburn. For example, smoking cigarette abruptly can lead to acid reflux problem. This problem will be frequent for you, if you are an avid smoker. The same thing is applicable for alcohol drinkers. Drinking high amount of alcohol on regular basis can lead to digestion disorder and heartburn issues. Some foods can enhance chances of occurrence of acid reflux. For example, lime juice can trigger acid reflux.

4. Health Risks of Heartburn

Heartburn has many potential health risks. Among those risks, facing heart attack is a major thing. However, it does not happen for everyone. But, if you are facing heartburn issue frequently, it is the time to be alert. You need make changes to lifestyle and food habits. You should sleep adequately and you must eat lesser oily foods.

From kids or adults, everyone may become its victim. It occurs commonly for many of us. A high percentage of people are chronic victims of acid reflux.

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