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Five Common Mental Problems in the Elderly - The Facts

By Rudrajit Busfam In Health & Fitness Posted On December 11,2020 0 Comments

Growth in age means the increase of mental and health issues in the elderly population. The increase in poor mental health such as depression, anxiety can deteriorate the quality of life among elderly individuals.

WHO supports governments in strengthening and promoting mental health in older adults through integrating effective strategies. Special Health care organizations offer all kinds of services from taking care of the elderly, looking after their requirements, and also offering psychologists at home for senior citizens.

It is very common for elderly people to have mental issues, as aging makes them face various issues like stress, feeling low owing to their health deterioration, retirement can also make them homesick, and also if the children do not stay with them, usually, they long to see them, and monetary issue makes them prone to sickness.

Let us discuss 5 common mental illness faced by the elderly:

1.       Feeling on edge, restless, or having trouble concentrating: Due to aging elderlies commonly face issues like restlessness and trouble concentrating. It may be due to their illness like high or low blood pressure or other illness that they have. This mental issue can be due to hormonal changes, thyroid issues, low red blood cell count. Also, environmental issues lead to difficulty in concentrating. If an elderly is sleep-deprived or suffering from GAD, or stress disorder it is common to face restlessness and trouble concentrating.

2.       Increased feelings of stress or worry: During old age, people have to depend on others physically, monetary and also emotionally. The fact that they were once the earning members and now they have to depend on others can be one of the main reasons to increase the feeling of stress and worry. Some elderlies can face increased anger, agitation, or increased aggressiveness. And some may be very quiet and like to stay alone.

3.       Short-term/recent memory loss: With age, memory loss can be a symptom of Alzheimer's or other dementia. Alzheimer's is a brain disease that slows memory, thinking, and reasoning skills. With age, this is a very common disease. Therefore in case, you notice any signs of memory loss it is very important to contact a psychiatrist and get all the tests done. Memory loss can be due to pressure in the brain or due to other illnesses.  But on a serious note, it can be the first stage of Alzheimer's.

4.       Unusual behaviors or thoughts directed towards others: Due to real or perceived alienation from family and society elderlies tend to have a  different perspective towards others. They may love someone or they may hate others. They may find issues with the behavior or the way someone performs certain tasks. In many households, elderlies have issues with their daughters-in-law. Therefore, they need proper treatment to overcome above-mentioned issues.

5.       Trouble sleeping or difficulty falling and staying asleep: Insomnia is also common with age as aging brings on some changes to sleep. The most common form of difficulty falling asleep is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In this issue, the breathing pauses are due to obstructions in the breathing passages and is associated with snoring. To combat all these issues you must get an appointment with the best doctors in the town. 

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