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Get the Answer to all your questions related to Neck Lift Surgery

By Preetika Mishra In Health & Fitness Posted On May 03,2017 0 Comments

It's the human psychology to want people to think that you are younger than your actual age. But still some signs of ageing won't let you do so and by the growing age it becomes difficult to hide them. Like the sagging skin on your neck and under the chin.

The purpose of a neck lift Adelaide is to remove excess skin or fat from the particular area and tighten the muscles on your neck to return its smooth and nice-looking appearance. Though this process does not fully eradicate the presence of wrinkles but can make them less noticeable. This problem mostly seen in the patients within the age group of 30-70 years and are eligible for neck lift surgery.

How to check whether you are a Good Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery or not? Below are some basic features if,

1.you're physically fit
2.you have an optimal bone structure
3.your skin has good elasticity
4.you have turkey wattle neck (lateral ptosis of the frontal neck derma)
5.you have excess fat and skin on the neck
6.you have drooping skin under the jaw line
7.you're unhappy with the ageing appearance of your neck

Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery:

1.Reduced wrinkles and droopy skin
2.Enhanced neck line
3.Toned appearance of the skin under the chin
4.Renewed confidence
5.Improved self-image

Questions to ask Your Surgeon:

1.Is neck lift surgery recommended to me and why?
2.What can I expect after the procedure?
3.Can I leave the hospital after the surgery or stay overnight?
4.How soon can I go back to my routine work after the surgery?
5.For how long can I enjoy the result?
6.What incision technique is ideal for me and why?
7.What are my options for anesthesia?
8.Is the surgery safe?
9.How can I prepare myself for the surgery?

The main purpose of neck lift Adelaide is to get rid of the turkey neck; your surgeon will make incisions below your chin and/or behind your ears to access the neck muscles, tighten them and change the position. Neck lift surgery could take two to three hours or may be longer. Discuss are the possibilities with your surgeon or what could be the pros and cons of this surgery. For more details you can also logon to website or can call our specialists directly.

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