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How to avoid cold and cough?

By Joseph Martin In Health & Fitness Posted On October 18,2019 0 Comments

You might have heard the famous saying ‘Health is wealth’. Yes, it is not a new saying and almost everybody knows it. But how many of them actually take it seriously? A few, certainly. 

In the current scenario of the world where everybody is busy making money and earning their livelihoods, people often forget to take care of the most important thing in their lives, health. Even if they don’t forget it, they cannot take out dedicated time and effort to take care of it. Sadly, reports show that even after the tremendous improvement in the medical sector, more peoples are affected by health issues each year compared to every last year. Did you know that a large population of people suffer from common cold and cough throughout the year? Did you also know that although a common cold cannot cause deaths but it promotes many severe diseases that can lead to demise? 

Common cold and cough propagates severe health issues but you might be rejoiced to know that they can be easily avoided. Even better to know is that you don’t need to stop going outdoors or stop playing at the best online Blackjack casinos, rather you can avoid them by making minor changes in your daily habits. Here are 3 ways that you can adopt in your daily life to avoid cold and cough.

Suffice your sleep before you start the day

Starting here with a dream that most people see without their eyes closed. Most living organisms love to sleep. Sleeping gives the body rest and lets your hard-working brain take some time to regret the bad decisions it made and cheer over the good ones. But did you know that sleeping, the doctors’ advised, 8-10 hours a day can also help you avoid cold and cough? Yes, that is true as a tired body is not able to fight the illness-causing reason to their best. Hence, while you sleep for the optimum hours, the body gets ample time to regain its germ-fighting skills and fights well with the unwanteds.

Wash your hands as much as you can

You might not realise but a major carrier of germs that cause cold and cough are you yourself. Through your very own hands, you carry millions of germs that enter your body through the food you eat or any other purpose you put your hands into your mouth for. Washing your hands with water after any human contact or before having food can make a much large difference than you can realise. Water dilutes the germs and sends them down your hands before you put them into your mouth the next time. What can be even better is that if you could use a sanitizer to clean your hands. A hand sanitizer instantly disinfects the germs, nullifying the possibility of cold and cough.

Not just before eating or after human contact, you should also wash your hands before and after touching your face. A human face has homes for these germs, that are nose and ears. Therefore, washing hands before and after such situations is more vital than you know of.

Protect others to protect yourself

You might have heard of the advice to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. Most you might also be following it as your habit. But what if you might be doing it wrong the whole time? It is not always that you get the time to take your handkerchief to carefully it over your nose and mouth before sneezing. After all, it is a sneeze and sneezes are supposed to be instantaneous. In such situations you often find yourself sneezing on your hands which ultimately is almost equal to sneezing in the open. That is true for the reason that human hands are some of the most used parts of the body and sneezing on your hand will make your hands a direct carrier with great accuracy at its victim. The solution to this problem is to sneeze into the crook of your elbow as the elbow is not something you use to hold things and open doors at normal situations. Since you stop the propagation of those germs in your common areas, you also stop the chance of catching cough and cold again.

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