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Reasons for Storing Cord Blood of Your Baby

By Navya Sharma In Health & Fitness Posted On June 20,2019 0 Comments

Parents those who are expecting a baby had to take a lot of decisions. During this time they might have seen various ads about cord blood banking. Also, their obstetrician must have suggested the same. At this point, they get confused about taking a decision whether they must store the baby’s cord blood. For eradicating their confusion here is the solution.

The blood left in the umbilical cord is called cord blood, and it contains special cells. A baby's umbilical cord contains cells that can be grown in the body or in a laboratory, into other specialized cells. Cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells. It is a rich source of stem cells which are able to develop into any type of cell that can repair organs and tissues. It can also help in treating various diseases like immune deficiencies, blood disorders, some types of cancers and metabolic diseases. Research is revealing how it can save the lives of the people.

Cord blood is precious and storing it is worth. Also, it is totally safe for the baby and has no effect on labor or delivery. These cells can be used to treat diseases that require your body to regenerate specialized cells. For instance, cord blood can be used for bone marrow transplantation. Stem cells from umbilical cord tissue can regenerate nerve, liver, as well as other tissues.

There are mainly two types of banking private and public cord blood banking. Private cord blood banks that allow families to store blood with a fee and they can only use it in the future if they need it. Public cord blood banks provide a free donation of blood to families where it is matched with the patients in need or used in research. But in both of these two private cord-blood banking is better because it is a type of insurance for their families health and is a good investment in case they need it for treatment.

As it was realized that the cord blood is very precious so now-a-days we are urging to store the cord blood. Otherwise previously it was being thrown away. Till now there are some people who throw the cord blood. They must get awareness about stem cell banking from the umbilical cord blood. In addition, they must be told about the benefits of storing the cord blood. Now that it had been described above about the use of cord blood, so there must be no confusion left among the expected parents and they can opt for storing their baby’s cord blood.

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