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Simple Home Based Solutions for Heartburn Due to Acid Reflux

By RefluxMD Acid Reflux In Health & Fitness Posted On March 10,2018 0 Comments

Heartburn is generally caused by acid influx in the stomach. It can happen to anyone, irrespective of age and gender. Acid influx in stomach may be triggered due to various reasons. Improper dieting, consuming too much fast foods and starving are some of the possible causes of heartburn due to acid influx. However, chronic digestion problems can also lead to such problems. In fact, live or intestine or pancreas related problems can also trigger heartburn issues. To neutralize heartburn, several medications can be prescribed. Some of them are natural home based solutions, while others are over the counter tablets or tonics. If you are looking for immediate relief for heartburn, here in this article, we shall discuss some excellent solutions for you:

1. Yellow Mustard Paste

For immediate relief for heartburn, consume 1 small spoon of yellow mustard paste. Yellow mustard is a good substance for our digestive system. It helps the foods to digest quickly. However, it comes with natural antacid elements, which help to neutralize acid influx in stomach. Due to acid influx, infections or scars in stomach can also be created. So, be careful and take heartburn issues seriously. If you are facing this problem constantly for a long time, use mustard paste as medication, when heartburn strikes. You will surely achieve effective results.

2. Yellow Papaya Juice

For the fastest heartburn relief, yellow papaya juice is prescribed by health experts. Yellow papaya has several good effective on our digestive system. It comes with essential fibers that help detoxifying our body. Nevertheless, it contains some essential enzymes that help in food digestion. It has some major antacids that can provide immediate relief. So, what does heartburn feel like? Different people have different kinds of experiences. But, this natural remedy is applicable for all. Yellow papaya juice is readily available at marketplace or you can make them at home easily.

3. Pepcid and Rolaids

These are the most known and highly effective antacids that are sold as over the counter medicines against indigestion problems. These types of antacids are basically the combinations of aluminum, magnesium and calcium based salts. These salts neutralize acid influx in stomach within a whisker of time. Such medicines have slim chances for side effects. Some possible side effects are diarrhea, stomach upset, nausea, etc. These are used as medicines for quick relief against heartburn widely.

4. Bismuth Subsalicylate

Instead of natural remedies, if you are searching for over the counter medicines, then Bismuth Subsalicylate is the best option for you. This commercial drug works efficiently against severe acid influx cases. Bismuth Subsalicylate is available in liquid and capsule forms.

5. Gaviscon – Foaming Agent

Gaviscon is an interesting medicine that is often suggested against heartburn. Like other over the counter medicines, it does not have any side effects to offer at all. It actually creates a layer of foam around our stomach so that acid influx can be managed with precision. The concept is like adding foam on fire. For quick cure for heartburn, this remedy is highly recommended.

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