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Spinal surgery and treatments: Replacement and Preservation technologies

By Preetika Mishra In Health & Fitness Posted On April 24,2017 0 Comments

There exist various methods in the spinal surgical process in treating the aliments arising from the damaged spinal nerves.

Adding to above if prevailing conditions do occur, decompression and/or spinal fusion is done to many other of lumbar spine anomalies, such as tumors or the infections of the spinal nerve in the patient. These are usually beneficial for all the types of spinal nerve treatments for the various pathologies involved. There are various other surgical alternatives apart from one-level fusion or decompression surgery of the spinal nerves for lumbar degenerative disc diseases or so called spinal stenosis.

Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial disc technology treatment is used in case of lumbar degenerative disc disease. It is the best treatments that the patients can get if they are suffering from lumbar degenerative disc disorder in which the patients usually feel pain due to the compromised disc that causes low back pain. This disease occurrence is multifaceted, and can be due to simple wear and tear of the spinal nerves in the cord or due to some traumatic cause. Lumbar degenerative disc disease occur mainly due to low energy injury to the vertebral disc, and as the disc does not have blood supply it cannot repair on its own as other body tissues who have sustain blood supply.

Motion Preservation Technologies

It should be known that to all the patients before going for any of the spinal nerve surgical treatments that spinal fusion technique is always paramount treatment for ongoing pain and disability from the lumbar spine disease, but there are alternatives to fusion, and they do exist for posterior conditions problem such as in the back of lumbar spine called as spinal stenosis. The spinal surgeons insert the interspinous process spacer, also called as X-STOP device, accelerates the motion as opposed to stopping when done through the fusion.

Vertebral Augmentation

This is the spinal treatment techniques used to treat fractures of the spinal cord arising from osteoporosis or the prevailing tumors.

Patients going for the vertebral augmentation treatments generally have suffered from compression fracture also called as spinal vertebral fracture in general terms. It usually occurs in patients suffering from osteoporosis that makes the vertebral column brittle and prone to fracture. These fractures can also occur due to spinal infection.

Multilevel Lumbar Fusion

The multilevel spinal fusions are specific treatments to treat several of spinal diseases, such as scoliosis or other types of deformity, and this is also done to treat the back pain arising in the lower part of the spinal cord which is due to lumbar degenerative disc pathology.

These Treatments of the spinal surgery is also called as vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, or radiofrequency vertebral augmentation and done to reduce the pain of the patients. For further details contact spine surgery Virgin Islands, these types of treatment is generally done at one level of the spine cord.

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