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What All EMSA Licensed Childcare Training Includes?

By Preetika Mishra In Health & Fitness Posted On June 05,2017 0 Comments

Emergency Medical Services Authority or EMSA Licensed Childcare Training is one of the most beneficial and important form of trainings, specifically designed for the professionals who are involved in child care jobs. Child care jobs involve a lot of responsibilities or regulatory requirements. Therefore, professional child care providers must be aware of how to respond actively, accurately and quickly in an emergency situation.

Licensed Childcare Programs at Adams Safety are certified and approved by the State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority – EMSA. The training consists of 8 hours of First Aid & CPR Training and 8 hours of Preventive Health & Safety Training. Preventive Health & Safety Training by Adams Safety Training provides all the essential training lessons for childcare providers to meet the requirements of California State Law and the needs of AB 1542

The training includes a CD with a 279 page manual including forms for operation of the childcare included in the cost of the class. Enroll yourself today for the Licensed Childcare Training program at Adams Safety and become a proficient child care provider.

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