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What is EMDR and how does it work?

By David Symond In Health & Fitness Posted On May 03,2019 0 Comments

According to the WHO or the World Health Organization and NICE or the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, EMDR is now the treatment of choice for PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to much studies and research as well as with plenty of evidence, eye movement reprocessing and desensitization has come of age on par with an effective cognitive behavioral therapy as an effective psychological therapy. However, the problem is that there is still a lot to be found out to determine whether it works or not. For instance, the question remains whether it is suitable for use in treating ailments apart from PTSD such as obsessive compulsive disorder, psychosis and depression. EMDR psychologists at Mississauga ask such questions.

Let us first find out what EMDR is.

What is EMDR?

The EMDR was first developed in 1980s by Francine Shapiro who was an US clinical psychologist. According to him, the therapy was all about the identification of various distressing experiences and unprocessed trauma which continue to drive and affects a person’s psychological disturbance. During such a treatment, the client is asked to remember the worst part or aspect of the memory along with the negative physical sensations and beliefs.

At the same time, the client or patient is instructed to move their eyes from one side to another. Alternately, some other form of BLS or bilateral stimulation is used. This is done so as to desensitize the patient from the bad memory. The argument could have been that if the patient remembers the negative memories and situations at first, but in time changes their inherent reactions towards it, it shall not remain as a negative memory nor a traumatic one.

In EMDR treatments, the client is generally asked to be mindful of what is happening. It does not matter if a thought is positive or negative. The client is asked not to react to it.

As you can see, these are considerable benefits in EMDR treatments, not just in the treating of PTSD but also in the treatments of other ailments.  One should always take the services of the top EMDR psychologists at Mississauga.

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