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7 Easy Tips to Create Mind-Blowing Instagram stories

By mary kyle In Computers & Internet Posted On December 17,2020 0 Comments

The Instagram news feed is not the only way to create engagement. 

Instagram stories are the best feature of Instagram launched in August 2016, and it has fastly grown to over 500 million daily active users. It means half of the Instagram users will create or view stories on Instagram. So you have two different places on the same app to connect with your audience. So don't waste this great opportunity by using dull stories and visuals. 

Find new followers 

If you get many new followers, the reach of your story will increase quickly. That will help to build brand awareness. If you want better sales results, getting Instagram story views is the best way, giving you more genuine customers. 

To help you grab your audience's attention through Instagram stories, we will give you seven design tips to create stunning visuals your followers will want to see again and again. 

            Use colors and fonts of your brand

Incorporating your brand colors and fonts will help with your brand recognition when followers are scrolling through stories. If you use the same fonts, logo, colors in your story, followers will easily know your company even without seeing your name. 

Start with Storyboard 

Stories are the best way to engage with your audience, from promoting new blog posts to sharing further information. You can also make live videos, footage of behind-the-scenes, and any photographs that match your content. 

A great way to get started is by using storyboards. Before starting designing, fully plan out your story. You have many possibilities, but having the right plan will help your entire design process much more comfortably. 

Incorporate photography 

It is best to switch up and incorporate photography. The stories you post need to be high-quality and professionally created. It is the beauty of Instagram. Instead, you can use a smartphone camera and take some behind the screen photography in the app. 

Take Boomerangs 

Boomerang is the owned app of Instagram that is directly incorporated into stories. You can access it by opening the camera in the stories and navigate to the boomerang option directly on the right. It will create a quick 1-2 second video that loops, and it can be a fun way to create content. 

Create design elements with symbols  

Instagram stories have five different font options like 

  • Classic

  • Neon

  • Stong

  • Modern 

  • Typewriter

Using these, you can create your letters and symbols in five different fonts. You can take some of these letters and symbols, blow them up, rotate them, and you will get some pretty cool design elements for your stories. 

For example, create a capital I in a modern font and rotate it in a sideway. Now you get a bar chart or underline for your text. 

Like this, you can create whatever you want using your creative mind. 

Access more colors

In Instagram, you are limited to only 27 colors in the page that displays when you open the text or drawing feature. Holding down on one of the available colors will open even more colors for you. From that, you can choose the color you want. You can also use the color picker tool to select the color from your image. 

Use Stickers and GIFs

Instagram provides millions of Stickers and GIFs that will create more humor and attraction to your stories. You can easily find them under the sticker option or even by the search. Other than that, there are many sticker options available, like polls, Q&As, hashtags, quizzes, etc. They also further engage your audience.

Summing up

Get started creating your mind-blowing stories from today and wow your followers. It'll improve the reach of your profile and promote your brand with your targeted audience. 

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