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7 Ways To Identify Bad Backlinks On Your Website

By Reena Tyagi In Computers & Internet Posted On July 12,2020 0 Comments

Since Google introduced a new algorithm (penguin 4.0) update, a lot of things have changed in the area of backlinks. Backlinks are a very important factor for ranking and authority, but keep in mind that the quality backlinks are good. If you create bad backlinks, then this will reduce your ranking and Google may even penalize your website.

Now bad backlinks have a worse impact on your website than before. While making backlinks, you must keep in mind that it is a link to good quality.

There are many types of links but, How to identify bad backlinks? Don’t worry I am going to tell you seven ways to identify bad backlinks.

After reading this post you can easily find bad links so you can remove them and increase your SERP ranking.

Let's start.

Ways To Identify Bad Backlinks

There are many SEO tools available to find links to your site. You can easily identify all backlinks for your site. But you need to manually find and remove them. Here are seven things you need to check for every bad backlink.

1. High Spam Score

The first thing you need to check is its spam score. The higher the spam score, the lower your website ranking will be. The spam score is calculated by Moz. The spam score is calculated by checking many things like a higher number of “follow” links., And many more factors.

2. Low Trust Flow

Trust Flow was first introduced by one of the popular companies named Majestic SEO. This is also a factor to identify bad backlinks. This is used by Majestic SEO.

3. Low Domain Authority

This metric is introduced by Moz to identify the rank worthiness based on the site backlinks profile. This is a metric like MozTrust and MozRank. 

4. No-Indexing Website

The website is not currently indexed by Google; this indicates the low quality. Ensure that every website is indexed by Google.

5. High External Links

If your website has a high number of external links this pertains to a low-quality web directory, footer links and etc.

6.  Unnatural Anchor Text

Never create unnatural anchor text. always create natural anchor text like brand name, naked URL, and matching keyword phrase.

7. Backlinks To Illegal Website

Never create backlinks from illegal websites like a Porn site, Gambling site, illegal weapons site etc. These types of links are very harmful and put a negative impact on SEO.

How To Remove Bad Backlinks

Never create fake backlinks because Google detects such backlinks very easily and can also penalize your site without any warning.

We have looked at the various ways you can pick up backlinks without knowing where dubious links may originate from and why they have no worth. 

Utilizing my technique, I have created approaches to remove these bad links without losing your Google rankings for keywords and pages noticeable on search, really much of the time your rankings will increment inside a brief timeframe as Google jobs out updates and you manufacture definitive backlinks to those pages.

Things you can do; 

Contact the site linking to you and request that the site proprietor evacuate the link. that they can't be expelled, basically deny these links in Google.

Such a large number of terrible backlinks, make an exceeding spreadsheet and investigate which ones to deny immediately.

Get free of every one of the 404/410 pages on your site

A large portion of these focuses, particularly your 404/401 pages ought to be incapacitated just that you emphatically accept your site has been punished by Google.

Evacuating these pages will influence your site traffic and rankings, for the time being, will in the end increment your inquiry rankings and traffic later on. (It's difficult to tell when this will begin happening, yet with google calculation reports on a month to month basis - should see your rankings proceeding onward the positive side).

Note: When you deny links, these backlinks will even now be obvious in your link profile, however won't be placed into account when positioning your site on Google search.


Now you know how to find and remove bad backlinks. I hope this post helps you to easily identify toxic backlinks. Regularly create backlinks for your site but never create such types of spammy and bad quality backlinks this will decrease your SERP ranking and google penalized your site. Now it’s your turn to take the action.

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