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Google Update: 14% Stars Rating Drop For Google Local Listing

By Naveen Kumar In Computers & Internet Posted On January 11,2020 0 Comments

Original Source: http://www.sunspirestudios.com/google-update-14-stars-rating-drop-for-google-local-listing/

In September, Google has announced that restricted the reviews stars in SERPs which specifies schema. It has stopped to display the reviews that has deemed to self-serving. It has not cleared that when this update has changed and happened. But after the Google update: 14% stars rating drop for Google local listing.  In the indexing of the reviews, it is cleared that purple bar has normal reviews data set that has drop 14% in two days. After the announcement Google take a review snippet from the page-1 SERPs for 48 hours. These measurements have taken once a day which pinpoint changes beyond 24-hours.

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These reviews have drop by the category of 20 industries which is roughly corresponding to the Google ads. It has noted that each industry experienced losses of review snippets. The percentage drop in blue is less than 10. The purple bar drops from 10%-25% and red one drops more than 25%. Almost half of the review snippets that are 46% were loss due to finance and real estate. This is almost a situation of “win” or “loose” like the algorithm update which changes Google review snippets.

Ten thousands of daily data has break down in 20 ways which was of 500 SERP categories. The sample for the review was low but the changes were substantial. On page-1 SERP review has changed with average number of snippets per SERP. When the dust gets drop then SERPs with review snippets had 2.26 average snippets. This drop is roughly same as the prior drop. This shows that many queries are unaffected.

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Reviews that counts per SERP after Google update: 14% stars rating drop for Google local listing SEO is between the one and nine results with snippets. There is consistently stable average shift across the group. SERPs page with the review snippet has steadily increases with the half of the review setup.

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Display the review websites is quite beneficial when instilling trust in visitors of consumer journey at the multiple phases. It also helps in creating the unique content for the store location that is located on the landing page. It also helps the industry to review the reputation and learn that how to resolve the problems and complaints thereon.

Anything can be happened anytime with the Google. The review stars are drop today which can be increase tomorrow with the support of others. it seems like Google has made the fairly firm decision that feels the first party review like “self-serving” scheme. Google is continuously doing its best efforts to curb the abusive consumer sentiments and tactics. In many ways Google look closer to the home to see as the growing middle man between consumer and businesses. If any CTR (click-thru rates) loss the attendant Google’s new policy than it could be seen as less traffic for brand control website. Make sure you have best content that visible the rich results that do not change its ranking to make visible on the top ranking system.

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