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How to Choose the Best Provider for IP Telephony at Fredericton & Moncton: Top 9 Tips

By Azim  Fazil In Computers & Internet Posted On September 05,2018 0 Comments

Voice over IP, also known as internet protocol telephony, is playing an instrumental role in present times to increase business revenues. However, selecting the best company for IP Telephony at Fredericton and Moncton is not an easy task.

Here are top five handpicked tips to zero in on the best service provider for IP Telephony at Moncton and Fredericton.

  • Analyze your VoIP requirements

You should gauge first what type of VOIP services your business needs, such as PBX, integrated access, SIP, or whatsoever to ensure consistency in your business operations.

  • Examine whether or not you are to require a hosted VoIP service

Hosted VoIP is a great way of outsourcing the periodical maintenance and service of your business phone network.

  • Make sure that your provider offers great redundancy

Call continuity is typically acknowledged as one of the most effective and standard forms to ensure redundancy in VoIP systems and you should reconsider your decision if your prospective vendor is not offering this facility.

  • Shop by Quality of Services

Make sure that your prospective IP telephony vendor guarantees QoS to ensure the following.

  • Sufficient bandwidth allocation
  • Protection of call quality by prioritizing the packets sent and received by your organization
  • Retention of superior call quality by evaluating network traffic
  • Inquire about uptime

Uptime is essentially a specific interval of the time when a service can be availed and is routinely measured for use in the telephony as well as other technological domains. Explicitly ask about the uptime guarantee of your potential service provider and inquire about historical uptime records also.

  • Test their Bandwidth

Bandwidth calculations are indeed complex and a good strategy is to start observing your present metrics for internet usage.

  • Obtain and cross-examine references

Ask for client testimonials and take ample time to verify each of them personally.

  • Ask for Service Level Agreements

SLAs are necessarily legally binding business contracts between you and your vendor and should satisfactorily address the following to ensure that your expectations are successfully and completely met post-implementation.

  • Uptime
  • QoS
  • Bandwidth guarantees
  • Inquire about customer support and service availability

Round the clock customer service is an absolute necessity to handle any unprecedented situations. Never be shy to ask in detail what kind of customer service you can expect from your potential VoIP vendor.

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