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Ingredients of an Efficient Data Center

By Ayda Jamar In Computers & Internet Posted On July 09,2017 0 Comments

Cloud Computing and Virtualization have tremendously turned up beneficial for the enterprises to secure their data. Thanks to such innovative technologies that have brought an evolution in the IT industry. There are always certain elements are need to be kept in mind while establishing data centers in order to operate them smoothly. Flawless and successful operations of data center will lead to the perfect security for any enterprise.

These elements would surely apply no matter how big or small the size of you data center is. Rumors have indicated that Google is up to building a floating barge for their data center. So let's check out what exactly are those important elements;

This has to do with both, external as well as internal environment. For sure, one has to be more inclined towards the internal one as servers need to be highly taken care of. Standardized yet predictable environment is mainly the key to quality data centers. In fact, it's more than just keeping servers cool and maintaining humidity levels.

Many standardized data center colocation companies make sure that there are no cardboard boxes inside as the cardboard particles are very much likely to enter the airstream and pollute the servers. Since Data Center carries tons of important, private yet confidential data of numerous companies, such crucial measures should be taken in order to secure their data.

When it comes to keeping up with security, the physical security is the most important one. In fact, the data centers that are physically secured properly are mostly considered as the most reliable ones. For instance, keeping you system finely locked yet automatically secured and letting only authorized personnel enter just to permit the necessary access to servers ensures the perfect security. With such fool proof measures taken to protect the data center, one can assure that the most valuable assets of enterprises are secured in the reliable data center.

Since black-hat boys have gone smart enough to manipulate and penetrate through vulnerabilities of computerized systems, it's advisable to use alarms as well so that one would thing 100 times before doing any such attempt.

In order to keep the environment of data center managed and hustle free, it's good to have every process finely covered with policies. The professional data centers happen to have policies such as only the database admins would be given full access to the SQL server. Moreover, Data Retention policies are also very useful like how long an enterprise should store backup?

Having said, one should also have some reasonable policies for installing new systems, checking for devices went out of order and removing old equipment. For sure, such policies are really important as these help maintain the environment of the data center and keep the operations go smooth.

It's highly essential to keep up with the flawless monitoring system in order to make sure that all servers are up to date and secured. Alongside, it's also important because data center has to monitor that how much bandwidth and energy has been utilized. Keeping a proper check of storage and physical rack space is also to be kept in consideration as it's all what has been provided by the data center.

Proper Organization
For sure, Data center is not just about allotting the rack space for server, setting up the devices, adding power connection and turn it on. If it was that simple, the concept of the data center would be as good as dead. Instead, the data centers are supposed to follow the standardized yet supportable ways that can turn up beneficial for an enterprise and give it a good reason as to why they should prefer data center.

Wrapping it up, maintaining the data centers is surely a crucial job as it’s the most valuable entities of other you are taking care of. In order to keep up with perfect and seamless flow, the mentioned above measure should be taken.

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