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Optimize Web Performance With Wordpress Development

By Randip Dhiman In Computers & Internet Posted On May 28,2019 0 Comments

Setting up a web store with web development services is just not enough to get higher conversions and profitability. You always need to optimize it periodically from various aspects for an increased performance. One of the major areas that hamper website performance generally revolves around speed issues. Yet it is not completely responsible. There are other issues involved sometimes like theme related, or installed plug-ins effects on the website functionality etc.

Being involved in providing custom Wordpress web development solutions, I have come across a no. of cases where clients often complain about low web speed or other performance related issues. Every time the reason is different. Thus, I have to follow various methods: Theme development methods (customization of themes take place), Page load enhancements (various areas are considered), or custom checkout experiences (simplifying the checkout process) etc.

Wordpress is a #1 eCommerce platform that allows you to run a digital sales channel and that too with higher conversions. It equips you with a possibility of web customizations, enhancing features & functionalities etc.

In this writing, I would like to introduce a few Wordpress web optimization tricks and tools that can be used while dealing online. Let’s get started!

Tools to Test Website Performance

Prior going for an optimization process, it is highly recommended to go for a deep check to know the flaws and errors of your digital channel. A no. of test tools are available in the market like GTmetrix, WEBPAGETEST, Pingdom Website Speed Test etc.

Every performance checker tool scan your complete website and offer you an analysis. It generally deals with the browse cache system, image sizes, redirection issues, and so on. Such tools help you to provide fast and reliable web experience to your customers. Furthermore, it shows you the areas of your website that can be improved to offer more compelling shopping experience.
Thus, if you face any kind of problem-related to web page speed or low visitor time spend on your website, it is suggested to do a deep scan of it.

How Does Wordpress help in Web Performance Optimization?

Custom Wordpress development is a powerful eCommerce solution to cater your distinctive needs. It helps you to expand your business horizons while being consistent in delivering quality experience. Wordpress always stands out when you are looking for various methods or customization tools to enhance your web performance. Below are a few key areas where Wordress helps you in optimizing your web store:

Image Optimization

Optimizing images on your Wordpress web store without even losing quality can definitely lead to increased page load speed. It will certainly allow you to save resources and create wonderful shopping experience for your customers. You can achieve it by following:

  • Command lines for optimized images
  • Make image size around approximately 70kb                         
  • Compressing files containing images
  • Use JPG and PNG image formats

Note: PNG is highly preferred as data is not lost on compressing.

Whenever you do a speed test or web performance test, images are the most common areas that need to be addressed. Therefore, simply knowing how to properly use images (format, compressing, size etc) on your website can help you to optimize web performance optimization.

Better Product Navigation

It is a well-known fact that a customer is more likely to leave your web store if not able to find the desired product/services within first 5-10 seconds. Thus, a better product navigation can help you to engage the customers on your web store. You can achieve it by:

  • easily discoverable search option
  • Product filtration (color, size etc.)
  • Faceted Search

Apart from these techniques, Wordpress comes with many plugins that you may use to enhance product navigation. For e.g., Improved Layered Navigation comes with tailored menus & filters to enhance the experience. It is also completely optimized for different platforms (Mobile, tablet etc.)

Cache Management

Cache management is always one of the easiest ways to improve web performance. Custom Wordpress solutions allow you to use cache management tools that allow keeping a complete track of your web site’s cache. Such tools put you at ease by showing up pop-ups time to time whenever a cache needs to be refreshed. Wordpress is unique in its nature and offers an exclusive set of benefits to remain ahead of others.

Fasten Checkout Process

Checkout process of any digital sales channel plays a vital role in conversions. Customers always wish to be less bothered with the complex steps of online shopping. A major part of eCommerce shoppers contains those who wish to be at ease always. They are not at all interested in logging in or filling out a complete form, registering or any other mode. Thus,Wordpress One Step Checkout is the perfect solution for you if you are facing a lot of abandoned carts.

Every step mentioned above is powerful in its nature. And, these would definitely lead you towards decreased bounce rate, increased interaction on website accompanied with an increase in conversions.

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