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Revamp your Website with Hosting Solutions

By Aspiration Hosting In Computers & Internet Posted On February 05,2020 0 Comments

Original Source : https://uberant.com/article/691174-revamp-your-website-with-hosting-solutions/

Cloud hosting is used to handle the network traffic and to offer the smooth running of your website. It is accepted by most of the website owners as it offers benefits of shared hosting, Cloud Hosting and it is a cloud architecture that increases the resources according to the requirements to handle the traffic in an optimized manner, and less data loss and minimum downtime can be achieved in case of any hardware failure.

Benefits that a website can reap include the following: 

  1. High Performance:  By providing additional resources such as RAM, or CPU leads to an increase in the availability of the system for the customers. The availability of resources removes the dependency on a single singer and raise the performance of interfaces. It enabled the system for workload distribution which results in better user experience.
  2. Cost-effective solution: It eliminates the need to buy in-house software and hardware components that help to reduce investment outflow. Clients have to pay for what they use, not for free space. Few services are offered for free with cloud solutions such as resource administration, data migration, etc.
  3. Implausible speed: It offers high speed for loading web pages by filtering the static and dynamic data on the page. Cloud servers have a low load that helps to boost the speed of the website.
  4. Secure data: Data is transferred through different mirrors, which helps to recover data in case of hardware failure. Private clouding can give assurance for Data security.
  5. Scalability: Easy up-gradation is the benefit of clouding, the system can be expanded for your organization. Hosting solutions support infrastructure with the extra capacity of resources.

The website or system performance defines the reliability and traffic handling efficiency, performance hosting is the solution to achieve it. When your website is striving for resources and a single server is not sufficient to process the requirement, try to work with performance hosting solutions. Using multiple servers along with load balancing tools, distribute the traffic to multiple servers to keep the performance and system availability high.

How Did Performance hosting work?

Requests are coming and handled by load balancer at first step, which distributes it in an optimized way to different machines. As the number of users grows, continue with additional resources then scale it horizontally. 

High performance hosting architecture is designed in the following order:

  1. Load balancer
  2. Firewall
  3. Web servers
  4. Managed replicated drives
  5. Private Switch
  6. Databases

Common areas to implement performance hosting:

  1. E-commerce: Performance slowdown is a killer for a commercial website, and it is advised to get a performance solution as it is growing with a high number of users. Due to promotional events, traffic exceeds and chokes the website and it is extremely critical to handle financial transactions successfully.
  2. Digital Service providers: Entire business sales are dependent on websites in many organizations that do not have physical stores. Providing high-quality online service, it needs to implement the multiple server concept to avoid downtime. A reliable and stable website can bring more customers.

Performance hosting can be implemented in gaming and streaming websites where speed is the necessity, and data transfer is frequent. Infrastructure needs to be designed differently, with high bandwidth and connections.

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