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What Are The Major Types of Websites

By Rhyno Marketing In Computers & Internet Posted On November 03,2020 0 Comments

Two billion. This is not at all the number of planets in the galaxy or grains of sand on the beach. This is the number of websites that currently exist, and it is growing at an alarming rate. Did you know that bloggers publish 1,500 new posts every minute and email users send over 200 million emails?

Ask any person the question "What are the sites?" And you will get completely different answers. This is because online resources can be classified according to their functionality, design, content - and many by what criteria.

Site types by functionality

Websites are categorized according to the function they perform.

It is generally accepted that the websites with the smoothest visual designs are the most complex in terms of functionality, but the opposite is often the case.

For example, the e-commerce giant Amazon. Agree that Amazon isn't the prettiest website out there, but it's designed to do a huge range of functions.

Site types by functionality

There are five main types of sites:

  • business card sites

  • e-commerce sites

  • internet portals

  • social platforms

  • wiki sites, etc.

Business card website

It is believed that a business card is the most accessible and technically simple website. A project like this has multiple pages and can be used by small businesses that just need to establish their presence on the Internet.

For example, a small plumbing fixture company needs a business card with a home page with contact information, an About Us page, and perhaps a couple of pictures of work examples. Hence the name - the project is very similar to an advertising brochure, a high-tech online business card for potential clients like a website development company Los Angeles.

E-commerce site

An e-commerce website is a more sophisticated tool that users can use to pay for goods and services online. This includes all kinds of online stores, auctions, and the like.


Usually, an e-commerce site involves the sale of goods or services of one company to several users, but a commercial site can work with several suppliers at once, taking the form of a trading platform.

Marketplaces allow multiple suppliers to search for buyers and sell products through a single site. For example, the legendary eBay and Etsy.

Internet portal

The peculiarity of Internet portals is that they combine information from many different sources. This includes Yandex, which offers email, forums, search engines, and homepage news.

Private portals can be designed for internal use by a school, university, or company, allowing students and staff to access their emails, alerts, and files on the same site.


A wiki is a special project that allows people to collaborate online and write content together. The most popular example is Wikipedia itself, which allows anyone to modify, add, and rate the content of articles.

Social platform

Social networking sites are large-scale, costly, and complex projects that allow you to share images, videos, or ideas. They encourage interactive interaction and information exchange between ordinary users.

The most popular social network is Facebook with an incredible 2.3 billion active users. Other famous social networks: YouTube, Instagram, VK and LinkedIn.

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