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10 Medicinal flowers Beneficial For Your Health

By Vidhi Verma In Home & Lifestyle Posted On June 27,2019 0 Comments

Flowers are great. From serving as gifts on many various occasions to being useful for medicated purposes, what more could we ask from them? Flowers bring peace to our eyes and souls. So, these summers, order flowers online in Delhi and gift them to your loved ones. Also, there are many flowers that should be in your garden due to their highly beneficial characteristics. 

Did You Know: Flowers have been acknowledged by medical practitioners as very vital in certain medical treatments. These provide natural treatments and have no risk of side-effects. How great is that? 

The remedies obtained through them are much more cost-effective as compared with pharmaceutical drugs. Here is the list of some medicated flowers coming your way:  

  1. Bellis Perennis: We all are very familiar with this flower. It is famous as ‘Daisy.’ Regardless of its appearance, Bellis Perennis/Daisy accounts for various medicinal properties. Its infusion helps the human body to get rid of toxic matters. It is also very instrumental in curing diseases like rheumatism and arthritis. It also heals wounds when applied as ointments. Never thought of daisy as such a potent flower, right? 

  2. Angelica Herbs: Green bits of Angelica are used in decorating cakes. Yes, those bits are obtained from these Angelica flowers only. Angelica herbs are very aromatic and also serve many medicinal purposes such as cough, cold, and digestive problems. In addition, it can be used as power and strength-gaining tonics for children and adults. 

  3. Begonia: Rubbing the leaves and flowers on the skin is very advantageous as they help in healing burns, sores, and even relieving pain. Soak this flower for a few minutes in hot water as it is a great antitoxic and cures headaches. 

  4. Blood Root: It is a highly beneficial medicated flower. When applied in the form of a paste, it treats various dermic problems, rashes, and warts. When consumed as tonic or tea, it cleans and purifies the blood and mitigates the level of fewer. 

  5. Butterfly Weed: It is widely used for lungs related issues and respiratory problems. 
    Fact: This flower is used as an ingredient in Indian cuisines. Its consumption in large amounts helps in removing pain and also in internal cleansing. If applied on the skin as an ointment, mitigates swelling and heals wounds. 

  6. California Poppy: This one is a beneficial flower as it helps in reducing anxiety and insomnia, also bladder issues in adults and children. The best part is this flower is not all addictive as it does not contain any type of opium. When used with other natural resources, California poppies removes depression and fatigue as well. 

  7. Gardenia: Major ingredient in Chinese medicines for bladder problems, blood cleansing, and physical injuries. It is also considered valuable in mitigating mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

  8. Snapdragon: Used as a mental relaxant and a gentle sedative. Best used for battling anxiety or insomnia. 

  9. Sunflowers: We all have grown up plucking sunflowers from our gardens without even knowing its medicinal advantages. Did you know that brew made from them is useful for curing menstrual cramps and ulcers? Having a sore throat? Gargle using sunflowers can heal them up too. Great right? 

  10. Rose: We all might have taken roses for granted all our lives because we did not know that roses contain a great amount of Vitamin C. Petals of a rose can be eaten raw as it helps in enhancing blood circulation and also helps in mitigating depression. It is highly beneficial for all the skin-conscious people as its application as a cream or paste is very good for the skin.  

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