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3 Easy Hacks to Remove Wallpaper

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On June 03,2019 0 Comments

Removing wallpaper can sometimes be a tiresome job. Wall-coverings are attached to the wall with a special paste, made of a wheat-based non-toxic adhesive. There are plenty of special techniques and tools that can be used to remove the wallpaper designs for living room.

The most essential removal tools we need are:

Wallpaper Scorer

Irrespective of which removing technique we use, the primary step in all methods is to first lightly puncture the wallpaper before the removal process begins. A utility knife or razor blade is not suitable for the job, as it is difficult to maintain proper depth. This is why wallpaper scorer is a must-have when removing wallpaper designs for living room. This tool comes in two types: roller or blade. Roller models have spiked wheels which puncture the wallpaper with hundreds of tiny holes. This is most recommended for use. The blade model slices lines, not holes, into the wallpaper.

Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is used as an application device in two removing methods: via solvent or water. If solvent is used, they come in a spray bottle from the market itself. For the water method, any general type of spray bottle will be efficient. The water spray should not be splattered, but rather a consistent mist will be more useful. 

Stripper/Scraper Tool

A putty knife or drywall knife used for removing wallpaper designs for living room will be too blunt and incompetent for the job. You must use a wallpaper stripper/scraper tool. They come with removable razor-blade heads and easy to grip rubber handles.

Wallpaper Steamer

Steamers are electrically powered. Water is filled in a small canister and heated for about 15 minutes. An attachment called a steam plate is also included which enables you to force steam against large portions of the wall.

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools, it is now time to decide which removal technique to use. There are three basic options:

1.       Solvents

Most wallpaper solvents in the market today are enzyme based, non toxic and odor free. There are no chemicals are involved. Solvents are more preferred than water because it can be used in moderation on the walls. In this method, the walls need to be perforated with a scorer first. Once the solvent is sprayed, the wallpaper is gently peeled or scraped away. It is one of the easiest ways for removing wallpaper designs for living room.

2.       Water

Directly applying warm water to perforated wallpaper is also an effective mode of removal. But there is a risk too. Since the flow of water is difficult to regulate, spraying water directly on the wallpaper can sometimes damage the wall itself.

3.       Steam

This is another highly effective technique of removing wallpaper. As your first step, the wallpaper has to be perforated with a scorer. By using a steamer, the warm water comes out as an ultra-fine mist. The extra heat works wonders for the removal process. While steam is the best removal technique, it is also expensive than the others as you have to buy a wallpaper steamer. Once the job is done, it has little use in other home applications.

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