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7 Innovative Ways to Cover Up your Wall Cracks

By Rudra Digital In Home & Lifestyle Posted On April 16,2019 0 Comments

The old adage is true: no one is perfect! The same holds true for home walls also. However superior your interior decoration skills may be, every home has that one wall with a slight crack or a damp mark.  The monsoon rain, as well as extreme temperature, very often causes seepage or cracks on our home walls that make it look ugly. Despite our best efforts, we cannot seem to escape this phenomenon of cracked walls!

So here are a few unique decorating hacks to cover up your imperfect walls.

  • Wallpaper your room

Decorative wallcoverings are just the perfect solution for concealing wall cracks and damp stains. They are an easy and affordable alternative to extensive drywall or plaster work. Home wallpaper serves the dual purpose of covering up the cracks, as well as giving a new twist to the room’s décor. Use floral patterns or botanical prints to give the room a relaxed soothing ambience, or use geometric prints in a bold color if you want to create a statement.

  • Use Texture

Home wallpaper is the best way to mask the flaws of a damaged wall. The secret to hiding your wall cracks is to use a heavily patterned texture on the affected wall. Choose a glamorous gold wallpaper to create an accent wall in your living room. Or pick an abstract geometric pattern to add more substance to the walls. Let the lines and stripes hide your wall’s imperfections.

  • Photo Frames

If you are not ready to have an interiors makeover with newly installed home wallpaper, photo frames can be an easy fix for your cracked walls. You may put up multiple photos of your family and friends up on the wall, giving the room a personalized touch. Or go for a bohemian artsy look with abstract art pieces and minimal prints hanging on your wall in sleek frames.

  • Wall Stickers

Wallpapers come with a long-term commitment. The other option is to go with wall stickers. Wall stickers are a great way to cover up cracks or damps. There is a wide choice of interesting patterns available for wall stickers. You can use them to either work around the affected area, or just cover up a space entirely.

  • Medallions & Murals

Another innovative alternative to papering an entire room is to use wallpaper accessories for hiding cracks limited to a small area or single wall. Medallions are perfect for creating a dramatic focal point in the room, as well as covering a crack or discoloration. For a more pervasive problem, use home wallpaper in a large mural design that can hide a bigger area.

  • Dreamcatchers

If the crack is seen on just one wall, especially in your bedroom, dreamcatchers can be the perfect for the cover-up job. They add a little whimsical element to your room, while also helping to conceal any minute imperfections on your wall.

  • Blocking

A quick fix for covering up a damp patch or large crack on the wall is to place a shelf or cabinet against it. By using a bookshelf or a drawer chest in the room, it not only adds a furnishing element but also helps to block the ugly wall from direct view.

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