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Bonus Features for specialist Combination Pliers

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On June 04,2019 0 Comments

Combination pliers are multi-purpose tools. It is used for gripping, compressing, bending, twisting, extracting and cutting various materials. The tool usually comprises of flat edged jaws with square tips that are used for gripping purpose, with a cutter built into the jaw.

Sometimes, few of the tools have additional features meant for specialized use.

Thumb stops

Many combination pliers come with thumb stops on their handles. They are usually made of plastic, a part of the cover over the handles. Their main purpose is to prevent the user’s hands from slipping down the handle when using the pliers. Thumb stops are particularly useful on insulated handles as they stop the user's hands from touching any metal parts that could conduct electricity.

Handle return spring

Some pliers have a spring between their handles, ensuring that the handles return to an open position when the pressure is released from them. This makes the tool more suitable for single-handed use. Depending on the design of the tool, the spring may either be hidden or visible.   

Locking function

Few combination pliers have a button that can be used to lock the jaws shut. This protects the surface of the jaws and the cutting blade when they are not in use.

Compound action

Pliers with compound action are capable of producing more output force using the same amount of input effort, without needing to increase their size. This amplified mechanical advantage comes from having two double levers, rather than one. These tools can be used with tougher materials.

High leverage

High leverage pliers have a pivot point that is in closer position to the cutters. This extends the size of the handles which increases the cutters' the output force. They give you extra leverage than standard pliers of the same size.

Insulated handles

Combination pliers that are designed for use near live electricity come with specially insulated handles. They are sometimes referred to as electrician's pliers or lineman's pliers. The maximum voltage insulated pliers can be used with must be printed on the handle. They are used to cut live electrical wires.

Nail pullers

The general pliers we use can pull out pins or staples, but they are not strong enough for removing nails. This is why a few specialist pliers come with a nail puller grip that is specifically designed to remove nails. 

Wire strippers

Pliers which are designed for use by electricians often include wire strippers. These are basically small, rounded cutters that can be used to cut the plastic insulation around a wire for removing it without any damage to the wire.


Certain pliers have a crimper on the handle side of their pivot point. These are specifically designed for non-insulated electrical crimp terminals. They are commonly used for jointing electrical wiring.

Bolt cutters

A few combination pliers have a special place where bolts, up to a certain size, can be inserted to cut them. This allows the tool to cut small screws or bolts. It will depend on the specifications to determine which sizes of bolts can be cut.

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