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Decor Ideas to make your Small Bedroom look Spacious

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On October 16,2019 0 Comments

In this age of urbanization, buildings continue to grow taller and apartments are becoming smaller. A lot of the city people complain about tiny bedrooms with constricted space. But wallpapers can be used to create an illusion of a bigger space. Certain kinds of wallpaper patterns and wall textures can make a small room look more spacious.

Wallpapers come in a wide variety of designs, colours, textures and patterns. From floral patterns and botanical prints to damask motifs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Even the tiniest of spaces can be made into a beautiful corner with the aid of smart wallpapering tips.

When picking out a wallpaper design for smaller spaces, here are a few things to keep in mind.

White Decor

The elegance of white never goes out of fashion. Being inherently bright in appearance, white walls create the feeling of a large, open space. Using white or off-white wallpaper design for bedroom can be a good idea to enhance the look of a small-sized room. A minimalist style like self-pattern motifs, tiny polka dots, or negative space design would look good for white walls. Furnish the room with white bed linen, white lighting fixtures, and white curtains and rugs. The immaculate whiteness seen in every aspect of the room makes the bedroom look brighter, giving it a spacious feel.

Metallic Finish

Metallic wallpapers with a glossy finish are known to add depth in a small space. They bring in more light and brightness to your small bedroom. When the lights get reflected on these polished walls, it makes the room look bigger and spacious than it really is. Choose smaller, more demure prints for the best effect. Wallpaper design for bedroom in gold, silver, copper or bronze tones have the added result of making a space look luxurious. Home owners can also choose a rose gold metallic shade to give a feminine touch to the bedroom. Metallic wallpapers look both classy and stylish at the same time.

Create a Focal Point

Choose a large-printed floral design for an accent wall in your small bedroom. This creates a focal point in the room, giving it a more organized and clutter-free look. The large florals draw your attention as soon as you enter the small space, not giving you the time to register the small space of the room.

Stripes on the Wall

Wallpaper design for bedroom with stripes can be both fun and versatile. They come in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal patterns. Colour-wise, they can be in either dual shades of the same colour, or in two contrasting hues. Striped wallpaper designs can be a great fit for a small bedroom. Horizontal stripes make the room feel wider and look more spacious.  In narrow passages, use bold colour stripes to make the space look busy.

Big leafy prints

One way to make a room feel spacious is to include some indoor plants. The greenery gives a more open vibe to the room. This same principle also applies to wallpaper designs. Large banana leaf patterns or palm prints are a great way to bring in more space to a small room.

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