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Decorative Track lighting: Its various types and uses

By Preetika Mishra In Home & Lifestyle Posted On April 29,2017 0 Comments

Decorative Track lighting is a successful, multipurpose and trendy way to generate sufficient lighting. Whether you want to focus light over a dining room table or on the entire kitchen or just want to add an attractive feel to your house, office place, track lights and cable will do the same. There are some important aspects to note before checking-out trendy track lightings.

Where decorative track lighting should be placed?

First thing to decide is what exactly you wanted from lighting fixtures. This will help you out to figure ideal place. Now the question is how would you like to set it up?

Do you want to use it as accent lighting? Install it in a living area to highlight art pieces, and angle the lights at approx 30° to minimize illuminating power and reflection image.

Would you like to use it as task lighting? Consider placing cable lighting over a kitchen or workplace to give you enough light for performing regular activities.

Are you in need of ambient light? Though it is not very commonly used for general lighting, you can still install it in a living area or in your dining room for a comfortable level of brightness.

Types of decorative track lighting kits that is available in market or online. There are several variations that fit as per your requirement. Here are some examples:

1.Straight Track: Often referred to as a "standard" system, Straight track are attached to the ceiling with screws and can be shaped into "L", "T" or "H" patterns. 

2.Monorail: These physically flexible units can reshape into a variety of other shapes and can be hang up from the ceiling by deadlocks.

3.Two-Circuit Monorail: This type allows track lighting on a single track to be connected to two different switches, allowing more flexibility with lighting function.

4.Cable: These attach to the walls with coupling screw, so they are ideal for a place where you are unable to hang a unit to the ceiling. They consist of two wires with fixtures hanging between them.

Each unit emits the same amount of light; this is simply a matter of preference. Decorative Track lighting is easy to install and expand and they use less amount of current to flow, lower voltage of units required to glow them. Track lighting will end up saving money for you on electric bills while providing the same light output as line voltage. For more information checkout the website or can call us directly.

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