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Different types of Hardware and drapes used

By Preetika Mishra In Home & Lifestyle Posted On March 30,2017 0 Comments


Draperies are typically made of weight fabric which are heavy and are lined or thermal backed. Generally these were used, as a sophisticated décor. In today's scenarios they have been mostly gained their popularity been casual, illustrating open weave fabrics, tab tops and other more laid-back styles.

Drapes NYC is usually backed with thermal so as to make your home more energy efficient can also aid in light control, as these lining helps to block out heat and cold.

Additional Pros: It has gain its popularity to “puddle” draperies on the ceramic floor which often not a good idea for high traffic areas. The dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms appear opulent when Drapes NYC is used, and to look like this usually the draperies which are ordered are several inches longer than the normal length required (6-8 inches).

The two types of window hardware are there: basic and decorative.


Basic Hardware: Various reasons are there for using the basic hardware: such as appearance, function, price and more.

Basic curtain rods. A double curtain rod is used to fit a valance treatment and panels and this should match the small pocket size rod of the curtains. These are easiest and least expensive solution.

Traverse rods. Always operated through a pull cord that allows opening and closing pinch-pleated draperies, looking more even.

Tension rods. Tension rods is great hardware solution for apartment dwellers or for temporary window treatments usually have rubber tipped ends; the spring inside holds the rod inside the window casing and requires no nails or brackets.

Decorative Hardware: These give windows a truly unique look

Clear rods. The Vital treatment should hang on clear rods, through Lace and sheers and gives the astonishing look to the decor.

Café rods. To hang café curtains or tiers, these rods and rings are used by sewing the curtain onto the rings through the eyelet.

Additional Tip: Decorative rods give the windows “Projecting” look in your room. For this one has to use the matching holdbacks with decorative rods.

Pull-up/Tie-up Panel

A pull-up panel is a continental 3”inches rod, whose size depends on the size of the rod pocket, generally hanged flat on the rod with no gathering.

When there is requirement of soft look decor a pull-up panel is used. Often it is used under a pair of panels and adds valances for a complete look.

There are several Window Drapes NYC panel available in the market you can choose from and can be fit in any type of rod.

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