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Different types of Stone Care products

By Preetika Mishra In Home & Lifestyle Posted On April 04,2017 0 Comments

Stone Care Products are used for the rejuvenation, invulnerability and prolongation of natural stone and ceramic surfaces. It helps in maintaining the older look of surface, tables and other areas. It also provides safety of the surface from other spilling stains.

With technological changes it has been made possible to drive toward the development of new, innovative products and systems designed for extraordinary performance while saving the time, labor and cost.

Stone Care Products are consumer friendly which provides the maximum performance.
Stone care solution program is made for building service contractors and in house facility providers, which does not require any technical expertise in comparison to abrasion methods.

Marble Care

Complete Stone care products for marble and limestone are there that can be used for natural polishing, ink spot removal and corrective cleaning.

Terrazzo Care

Terrazzo Stone care products is a two step process which helps in the development of the hardest, durable scratch and scuff resistant polish on chips of granite consisting floors. Product includes the same process as in the marble care.

Stone Care Equipment & Accessories

Stone care product includes, stain removal and cleaning of limestone, sandstone, and other natural stone surfaces.

Granite Care

Granite stone care products Involved in polishing of granite floors; polished them and honed them. Products for rubbing or natural polishing, interim maintenance, stain removal and cleaning.

Ceramic Care

Ceramic Stone care products includes system that can actually polish and restore old polish and replenishments of worn out ceramic tile floors. It makes them bright and removes removable from the grout. They constitute long term grout protection and daily maintenance products.

Quarry Care

Quarry care stone products include different types of quarry tile, terra cotta, or monocuttura and Saltillo tiles.

In high traffic areas regular cleaning is must and it helps to keep your floor in its old shape and prevent major stains. Easiest way to get rid of them is to always start by cleaning the floor by sweeping in order to remove excess dirt from the floor. Next, use a Stone Care Products to cover the floor. You do not have to dilute it with water. Use a soft towel to clean it like you always do with any other product. Allow the floor to no rinsing necessary. 

For further assistance on stone care, stain removal and restoration, and various others can check out the details on website and you can also email.  

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