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End of Tenancy Cleaning

By Preetika Mishra In Home & Lifestyle Posted On April 05,2017 0 Comments

The end of tenancy cleaning means cleaning of all the property rooms, electronic gadgets, furniture's and electrical fittings those households. The tenancy cleaning is countered by the technically skilled migratory team, as they have the effective methods to get a house to top-notch shape, and all the necessary products, equipment and tools are in the well allocated place and one does not have to worry for anything. These people are job dedicated, and have the best tools needed for the specific task.

The requirements for inventory checks and the extensive end of tenancy cleaning Manchester checklist imitates the cleanliness standards required by letting agents. All the property is proficiently cleaned to the highest required standards. The cleaners are equipped with all the necessary chemicals, tools and equipment and they well cleaned and checked according to the maintained standards.

There are checks that take place when one is moving out and have the checklist which is in requirements with what estate agencies expect when they come for inspection.

Some of the End of tenancy cleaning Manchester checklist according to the norms:


1.Fridge, Microwave Washing Machine, dishwasher and other electronic equipment are to be cleaned inside/out thoroughly.

2.Bins to be cleaned inside/out

3.All surround needed to be dusted light fitting to be cleaned upside and down side

4.Floors Tiles to be cleaned, hovered and moped

5.Washing and polishing all the work surfaces

6.Cleaning of sinks and taps removing of lime scale and polishing if there is any requirement.


1.Floor Tiles are to be cleaned to remove stains, shower screen and the floor as well.

2.All the cupboards, fixtures and fittings are to be cleaned

3.All surround needs dusting and marks wiped off

4.Light fittings, and electronic equipment needed if any, to be cleaned

5.Windows and doors to be cleaned from both sides.


1.All furniture, doors and windows should be cleaned to be wiped over, inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes

2.Cleaning of mirrors and wall paintings and pictures

3.Full vacuum under bed, pillows and carpets and sponge if required.

If you are looking for your local End of Tenancy Cleaning Manchester experts, click here. You can also check further details online or can submit an enquiry online. Remember End of Tenancy Cleaning Manchester will be taken all instructions in accordance with the time and details estimated at the time of service.

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