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Health Benefits of a Spa Holiday

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On June 25,2019 0 Comments

Spa vacations are slowly gaining in popularity. There are many patrons who like to spend a couple of days at a spa resort in Kolkata and indulge in some wellness sessions for the body and mind. It is the perfect chance to de-stress and rejuvenate your spirits.

A spa holiday can is good for the mind, body and soul. It usually offers the following health benefits:

Reduce stress

Spa resorts offer their patrons a wide range of therapeutic massages, spa treatments and other wellness activities. Most of these services are aimed towards de-stressing you. Therapeutic massages work out all the tense knots in your body, while a soak in a warm bath helps to loosen out all muscles. A spa session helps to reduce your stress levels greatly. The lack of stress is a good sign for your mental and physical health and promotes a feeling of general well being.

Help reduce headaches

For people suffering from migraine or frequent headaches, a relaxing spa bath can help fix the problem. Any spa resort in Kolkata will offer a therapeutic bath with medicated oils. This results in dilated blood vessels, relaxation, and warmth. The dilated blood vessels help to decrease the pressure in your head, which in turn, helps with getting rid of headaches.

Help lower blood pressure

Sitting in a spa bath can help lower one’s blood pressure. It is a great wellness option for those who are at risk for heart disease or suffer from hypertension. Therapeutic warm spa baths increase your heart rate while lowering your blood pressure which helps improve your cardiovascular health.

Cleanse your body

Full body massages and warm spa baths help open up your skin pores, giving the herbal paste and medicated oils a chance to work their way into your skin and clean out various dirt and toxins. This leads to effectively clearer skin with a radiant glow. The detoxification process at a spa resort in Kolkata makes you feel refreshed with healthy skin.

Alleviate aches and pains

Spa treatments can help provide relief for aches and pains. Therapeutic massages are designed to work on your tight muscles and any tense knots in the body. They can specifically work on problem areas like lower back pain or arthritis. Spa treatments have been known to help with athletic injuries like a muscle pull.

Promotes sleep

Spa sessions help your body to relax. The massage or warm bath loosen outs your muscles, which in turn, helps you to sleep. When both your mind and body are completely relaxed, it helps you fall asleep faster. There are spa treatments to help with sleeping problems like insomnia.

Weight loss

Spa vacations are different from other vacations! Here, you follow a balanced healthy diet including lots of fruits, fresh juices and smoothies. This gives you the required nutrition, as well as flushing out all unwanted toxins from the body. Most spa resorts also have daily exercise sessions for all their patrons. After following such a healthy lifestyle, most people who visit a spa resort experience significant weight loss.

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