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How Free Love Tarot Readings Can Help You with Quick And Easy Advice?

By Sumit Pareek In Home & Lifestyle Posted On July 18,2019 0 Comments

Should I stay friends with my Ex? How do I know whether my relationship is worth saving or if I should let this go and move on? What can I do to attract someone? You often come with these questions to your relationship counselor in order to get some answers. But are you satisfied?

Probably not. Maybe this is the reason why people are turning to the divine and going for love tarot reading app for answers. Love advice is one of the most sought after thing on the Internet nowadays. And it's not a surprise given the amount of love problems that are rising. 

In the fast-moving world, people hardly have time for others’ problems. Over and above, there are things which you cannot even discuss or share with anyone else. At that time, seeking advice from family and friends is not an option and thinking about a counselor is like putting a dent in the wallet. Hence, the best option comes as getting a free online tarot card reading for love

Online free love tarot is a powerful and best way to get a peek into your love life and know what is happening with your relationship and what lies in store. And to make the best out of your love tarot app reading, you must know how tarot works and how you can use tarot card reading for your love life? Read on to know about it.

In the Tarot deck of 78 cards, there are 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. Out of which there are few love tarot cards that share the best advice for your life. These cards hold powerful messages about you, your partner, courtship, love, relationship, cheating, and mutual connection.  So, let’s take a look at the cards that serve as pop-up alerts for heartbreaks and comes as a sagacious advisor in your love tarot card reading

What Are The Best Love Tarot Cards For Advice?

The appearance of these cards is the indication of challenges, breakthroughs with accurate suggestions for your love and relationships.  Read on what are the best tarot cards for advice and how they bring out the message of growth, positivity, and guidance. 

1. The Lovers

When the Lovers turns up in a true love tarot card reading, it is an indication that love will be brimming but with hidden deceits. The card is a sign that you need to make tough choices. In the love tarot card reading, the Lovers often depicts the presence of more lovers or love affairs. It is a reminder to become honest and ethical with your actions in order to seek long term happiness. Sometimes, the Lovers in an online love tarot reading is shown as the sound of wedding bells with the one you love. 

2. Two of Cups

The Two of Cups is the second card from the Suit of Minor Arcana of tarot cards. The card depicts two people holding cups in their hands which signifies the amalgamation of two souls in love. The appearance of Two of Cups in love tarot card reading app is an advice to speak your heart out in order to connect deeply with your partner. It indicates the need for communication. Thus gives you a suggestion to share your feelings. It asks you to take the pledge to be loyal and always loving to your partner.

3. Death

Death is the most feared and misunderstood card of the Major Arcana. Unlike its name, it doesn’t signify death but is a card that depicts the ending of phase for some better beginning. The card often reminds you about the ending of a bad phase or relationship for some good. It tells you that nothing is permanent whether its good or bad. Thus, be vivacious and look for strong grounds and always remain open for changes with the hope of something new and better. So, next time whenever your love tarot reading app shows you Death as your love tarot- relax and look for some positivity. 

4. Six of Swords

This sixth card from the Minor Arcana Swords’ Suit is the sign to leave the love turmoil you are facing right now. The Six of Swords depicts the woman and a young child who are leaving a place with sadness. In a love tarot reading, it is an indication that you need to leave the present situation and look for a more secure place- may be a new relationship or maybe a new change in your approach.  The true love tarot reading app reads the Six of Swords as an advice to look for security and wellbeing. It suggests to keep aside the distractions and take quick decisions about your present love condition. The card is the positive omen in love to see the love in a new light with new vigor. 

5. Tower

The Tower represents the burning tower that alerts you against the sudden destruction. In love tarot card readings, the Tower is the sign that you are about to face a shocking truth or get swept off by your feet with some tragic revelations. The appearance of the card in your free true love tarot readings gives you insights that breakups, infidelity or some heartaches that are waiting for you. The Tower is the signal of information as true love tarot. So, whenever you see it, acknowledge the situations and think about working on yourself. You might be self-sabotaging yourself in the relationship and The Tower might be asking you to not do this.

6. Five of Cups

If you see Five of Cups in your free true love tarot readings, be sure that you are going to face a big emotional upheaval. The imagery in this true love tarot is the depiction of a mourning person who has lost something very close and important. In the advice position, the card is a reminder to fasten yourself and get ready for changes in your love life. You might encounter a complete change of feelings or might face disappointment in love. The Five of Cups in a love tarot reading is a push which you need to face tough situations in upcoming life. Also, it gives you a view to look at the brighter side instead of diving into despair.

7. Temperance

If you have drawn the Temperance in your love tarot reading app, then you have found solace in life. It is the card that represents perfect balance, harmony, and commitment in the relationship. At the same time, Temperance is a gentle reminder that you need to be patient and look for harmony and commitment in the relationship. The card gives you a goal to balance yourself if you want to win the heart of your soulmate. As a love card, the temperance also asks you to not rush towards love and let love come when it's the right time. Till then you have time to improve yourself and cherish with good positive thoughts. 

8. Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is the sign of rejection, heartache, and despair. This third card from the Suit of Swords of Minor Arcana has dreadful imagery. The card depicts the heart pierced with three swords with storms and rain around. It is an indication that you might face breakup or may face some separation challenges. On a positive note, the card reminds you that this is the ending of a very bad phase of your love life. It asks you to lose the ties that are holding you tight. With cards like Three of Swords, your free online love tarot reading app helps you to grow mature with hard times. It shows the tragedies that are often hidden by your close pals.

Concluding Thoughts!

So, now you know where you need to go for love and relationship advice when you have lost hope or are in deep mires. If you want to know if he/she is your true love or need a piece of good advice for attracting your partner, trust your free online love tarot card reading app. One such app is Tarot Life where you may get your dose of love advice anytime and anywhere. After all, the love stories are written in heaven and only your tarot cards know what is written. 

So, download Tarot Life now and get accurate true love predictions for blissful love life!


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