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How to Quickly Clean the Living Room?

By Khan Chacha In Home & Lifestyle Posted On October 16,2017 0 Comments

Whether you do it yourself or hire some professional maid agency Dubai, there are a few places at your home that need more attention when it comes to cleaning. For sure, living room is one of the most important ones. Actually, it’s one of the epicenters of our home, we eat there, watch tv and spend the large portion of our home time right in here. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s really important ot be quite conscious about its cleaning. So let’ clean it.

For this type of cleaning, you’ll need

·         A laundry basket for misplaced items.

·         Garbage bag or a recycling bag

·         Microfiber cloths (flat weave and regular)

·         All-purpose cleaner.

·         Vacuum with a brush attachment

So let’s get along with the three wave system of cleaning.

Wave # 1:

The wave number one is the de cluttering. In this wave, you will have to work your way around the room in a clockwise motion picking anything up and putting it where it belongs or putting it in the laundry basket garbage or recycling bag. This way, you are simply tidying the space up so that you can prepare it could be cleaned which is coming up in next wave.

Wave # 2:

This is an actual cleaning wave that’s all about dust, Polish, disinfecting and wiping things up. Again you will be working clockwise around the room working from top to bottom. This way, you will be able to cover every area and won’t skip anything.

For the TV, you can use the flat weave microfiber cloth and a little bit of liquid. Just remember one thing! There is no need to clean everything during this cleaning. But in case you notice something that's dirty and needs some attention, this is your time to do it.

Wave # 3:

Professional’s most favorite wave is this, Vacuuming. Just get started with the pillow and other soft surfaces. But make sure you don’t miss out the upholstery.  Once you are finished vacuuming pillows, you can head on vacuuming sofa neatly. That way, the room looks nice and welcoming. Alright now the next turn would be to tackle vacuuming the floor.

Now you are going to make you nice move towards vacuuming the floor. To make the carpet look, simply break the room up into sections. From left to right using what we call the W. patterns. The room looks fabulous but there's a little bit more work to do. There are a few dirty dishes in the kitchen and you have to deal with them. Moreover, you have to put any of those other items back where they belong. And simply take a look at this room it was well worth the twenty or so minutes that you spent.

In a nutshell, you need to keep up with this perfect living room cleaning wave-cycle in you really want your living room to look welcoming. According to the cleaning experts in maid agency Dubai, the more inviting your living room is the more family feels like having a get together here.

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