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Top 5 Features of a Corporate Conference Room

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On August 05,2019 0 Comments

Organising a corporate conference may not seem to be a difficult mission to accomplish. However, there are various aspects to consider. All a businessman craves for is the right venue and the right setting. People often spend a considerable amount of time in selecting the right venue, but there is so much more to it which people fail to decode. 

There are a plethora of corporate conference rooms in Kolkata. So, one will come across a host of options when they look for it.

This brings forward the most obvious question that is ‘How to choose the right venue?’

Here are some important things to look out for when selecting a corporate conference room in Kolkata:

A Proper Projection Screen – This is one of the primary aspects to check out. A good conference room should have a properly installed projection screen which comes with a host of features such as mouse-hover facility and multi-touch options so that multiple users can access it at the same time. This will help everyone present in the meeting on the same page and bolster interaction.

Top-notch Audio System – No matter how accessible the venue is, or how jaw-dropping the surroundings are, it holds no value if the basic amenities are faulty. One of the salient features of a good conference room is a top-quality audio system because a conference is more about interaction and discussion than anything else. A good surround system with branded microphones in front of every seat is something one needs to properly communicate with all the attendees.

Seamless Internet Connectivity – Life nowadays is all about high-speed data and no one can imagine a conference without high-speed data. Not just high-speed data, a proper conference venue should have adequate bandwidth so that multiple users can work alongside at the same time.

Proper Power Backup – This is something which often gets missed out. No one wants to waste the valuable time of the attendees. And imagine how frustrating power cuts can be? It wastes valuable time and disrupts the flow. So, one should ensure that the venue has enough power back up to supplement all the internet and electricity requirements during power-cuts.

Proper Seating Arrangement - This is another very important factor to consider. This is entirely dependent on the size of the audience. For a video presentation, a board-room style seats are ideal. On the other hand, a U-shaped seating arrangement is ideal for a relatively smaller crowd. On the other hand, if one is addressing a large crowd then a theatre-style seating arrangement is the best choice. 

A Few Words to End With

These are some of the amenities which an ideal corporate conference room must contain. So, when looking for a corporate conference room in Kolkata, one must obtain valuable information on the above points before making a decision. Indeed, the venue is also important. No matter, how good the room is, it holds zero value if people cannot easily access the location.

So, there are numerous aspects to consider when choosing a conference venue.   

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