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Varna Gun Milan Test For Kundali Matching -Avoid Varna Dosha

Kundli matching seems extremely true to the idiom that states, ‘Better safe than sorry’. Kundli Milan or horoscope matching is regarded as one of the most crucial and significant steps in a Hindu marriage. It is the first and foremost ritual that needs to be done before solemnizing the marital bond of the prospective groom and bride.

In India, marriage is believed to be successful when it lasts forever. And to make it successful, Kundli matching is considered as a must. There are several Guna Milan tests such as Varna Gun Milan Test for Kundali matching, Vasya Gun Milan test for Kundali matching, etc. which are required to be performed to check whether the match is perfect or not. Horoscope Matching is a pure science where the planets, cosmic stars, and mathematics play their vital roles in analyzing and predicting the future of the natives.

Kundli matching and Guna Milan helps in getting the insights of the marital life whether it would be successful and trouble free or full of issues and chaos. The compatibility quotient between the prospective couple who are tying the knot is measured through this method.

In Kundli matching, Guna Milan is the most important factor that helps in calculating the compatibility between the girl and the boy. There are eight Gunas in total for checking the compatibility of the relationship. There is a specific number which is assigned to every Guna and when all these numbers are added, the sum is equivalent to 36. The alliance is acceptable if you get 18 or more score. The higher the score of Guna Milan, the better would be the compatibility.

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There are eight different types of Gunas that comprise of Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana Maitri, Bhakoot, and Nadi. Out of these eight Gunas, Varna Koota is the first one which shows the spiritual balance and compatibility between the prospective couple. The maximum score of Varna Koota is 1. With this Guna, the ego level and spirituality of the prospective bride and groom can be checked and analyzed. If this Guna is perfectly matched, then it indicates that there would be lesser issues in the marital alliance and they will get along well with each other.

In the Varna Guna Milan test for Kundali Matching, the twelve zodiac signs are classified into different castes or Varnas as per the Vedic astrology. The natives are then further divided into these varied castes comprising Kshatriya, Shudra, Vaishya, and Brahmin. Following is the bifurcation:

  1. Brahmin Varna: The zodiac signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer are classified as Brahmin Varna

  2. Kshatriya Varna: The zodiac signs Sagittarius and Leo are classified as Kshatriya Varna

  3. Vaishya Varna: The zodiac signs Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are classified as Vaishya Varna

  4. Shudra Varna: The zodiac signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini are classified as Shudra Varna

How Varna Guna Milan Works?

Out of these four Varnas, Brahmin Varna is regarded as the most supreme Varna which is then followed by the Kshatriya Varna, Vaishya Varna, and Shudra Varna respectively. For Kundli matching, the process of Guna Milan works on few rules such as:

  • If the Varna of the Girl and the boy is equal or the Varna of the boy is higher then one point is assigned to the match.

  • Whereas, if the Varna of the Girl is higher from the Varna of the boy then no point is assigned to the match. This situation shows that there is an existence of Varna Dosha.

While matching the Varna and performing the Varna Guna test, the Sun sign and the Moon signs of both the prospective bride and groom are taken into consideration.

When Varna Dosha is present during the match-making process, then it is likely to disturb the marital alliance and may create issues between the couple. As per the Vedic astrology, if a couple suffers from Varna dosha then they are highly incompatible for each other. As per the scriptures and the explanation provided in them, to live a blissful and happy married life, it is essential that the Varna of the boy must be superior to the girl’s Varna as it is assumed that a husband with higher Varna can guide and control his wife as well as can take good care of her.

While if the boy’s Varna is inferior to that of girl’s then the husband would not be able to have better control over his wife as well as he is likely to be a bit laid back when it comes to taking care of her. Thus, the couple is likely to experience several issues in their marriage. And thus 0 points are assigned to the match.

Kundli matching and Guna Milan are highly useful as well as vital while making decisions related to marriage. With this Kundli Milan, the prospective bride and groom, as well as their family members, can get to know about the various aspects which can create issues in the future life of the couple.

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