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Vinyl Wallpapers – The Practical Choice for Home Decoration

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On November 30,2020 0 Comments

Be it interior decoration or home renovation, wallpapers offer a quick and efficient décor solution for all kinds of interiors. Their vibrant patterns can completely change the look of any room. Wallpapers are the best bet for doing a complete makeover of any space. 
Wallpapers come in a wide array of colours, textures and patterns. There are also different kinds of wallpaper materials, such as fabric, vinyl, foil, suede, cork, grass cloth, etc.  Each material is suitable for a different purpose. Fabric wallpapers bring out the intricate patterns of a design, and are most suited for living room wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers can withstand moisture and thus, ideal as wallpaper for kitchen wall.
From botanical patterns to geometric shapes, wallpapers come in many designs. With most wallpapers being digitally printed nowadays, a vinyl-backed canvas is often used for the printing. 
Let’s take a closer look at the various benefits of vinyl wallpapers. 
Easy to install
Putting up wallpapers is less time-consuming than wall paints. A paint job usually takes up at least 3-4 days to finish. On other hand, wallpapers can be installed anywhere between an hour to 7 hours, depending on the size of room and the number of people working. There is very little preparation involved before the process. Wallpaper sheets come in rolls.  
Water Resistant
When it comes to picking out wallpaper for kitchen wall, vinyl wallpapers have a great resistance to moisture. They can withstand occasional water splashes, and are suitable for use in the kitchen and the bathroom. The vinyl coating acts as an added layer of protection. They are also washable. 
Custom Options 
From a world-famous painting to an interesting mural design, customers can personalize their home walls as per their wish. The customized design adds a distinct character to the rooms. Vinyl wallpapers, being strong and durable, are the best material for customizing wallpapers. 
Easy to Maintain
Vinyl wallpapers are easy to clean. They are washable, so any stains can be easily removed.  They can be cleaned with a wet cloth, or gently rubbed with a detergent-soaked sponge. This makes them perfect for use as wallpaper for kitchen wall. They are easy to maintain and the vinyl coating ensures that the design will not fade any time soon. 
Cost effective 
High-quality paints are a costly affair. And plus, they need a repainting job every 4-5 years. Wallpapers last for much longer than paints. Vinyl wallpapers have a minimum lifespan of about 10-12 years. So even if the initial cost may be higher than paint, wallpapers are ultimately cost-effective in the long term. 
Improves Indoor Air Quality
Sometimes unknowingly, there are certain items in our home which can release toxic and harmful chemicals. For example, studies have shown that wall paints contains VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can emit toxic gases into our home.With vinyl wallpapers, any VOCs present get quickly dissipated through normal ventilation. They are free from acetone and turpentine. Thus, wallpapers can help improve the indoor air quality. 

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