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What are some of the Handiest Tools for Homeowners?

By Antara Chatterjee In Home & Lifestyle Posted On September 09,2019 0 Comments

Be it a broken floorboard or a leaking pipe, homeowners often face a plethora of problems in day-to-day life. Buying a new home is indeed a huge achievement but maintaining it is no walk in the park.  

A dependable set of tools will add limitless values to the life of a homeowner. Apart from relying upon professionals for every problem, one can save lots of time and money by doing things themselves, if they have the right tools. From combination pliers to long-handled hammers, there are some tools which every homeowner must-have.

 Here’s the list:

 a) Screwdriver – It is a simple small tool made mostly of steel. It is used for installing or turning screws. It can also be used for opening cans. It is one of the most widely used tools.

b) Hammer – A solid hammer is one of the tools which every household should have. The head of a hammer is mainly used to drive a nail in. Hammers can also be used to break certain things or shape any objects. It is used for the substantial force it can apply to things.

c) Pliers – Any tool kit is incomplete without a set of pliers. They are extremely important when it comes to dealing with electrical fittings. Pliers are designed to cut or twist electrical cables or wires. Sometimes this tool is also used for tightening or loosening fasteners.

d) Spanners – This tool is mostly used to fit common fasteners such as bolts and nuts. Spanners can be of varying sizes. It is used for drilling new holes, locate bolt holes, or to fit a nut by tightening or loosening it.

e) Auto-change Knife – A high-quality knife is one of the most productive tools one can have for regular use. Choose knives with the auto-change facility, which automatically loads a fresh one when the old one is removed.  

f) Measuring tape – It is more of a flexible ruler which is only used for measurement purposes. It is a great measuring tool which can measure great length. Its biggest USP is the fact that it can be carried in pockets. Some measuring tapes can even measure length over 100m.

g) Drill Machine – Be it hanging the wall clock or a wall painting, one needs to drill the wall for various purposes. This is where a drill machine comes to the picture. A hammer drill has an expert mechanism that allows one to make a hole in very hard surfaces like the wall.

h) Tool Bag – One should keep their tool far from moisture to prevent rust and corrosion. This is why it is important to have a separate storing place for the tools. A tool bag can act as a perfect home for all the tools.

Buying the Right Tool 

Just like food, cab, and dresses, one can also get their favourite tools waiting near their door, with a single click. The popular e-commerce websites are jam-packed with a variety of important tools like combination pliers, hammers, adjustable wrench, and more.  

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