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What Makes the Most Effective Office Cleaning Contractor?

By Terry  Ramsay In Home & Lifestyle Posted On September 05,2019 0 Comments

Given the vast number of choices, sometimes it can be an intimidating process finding the best office cleaning service. Of course, most decisions are made based on budget and availability, but make sure to ask other questions before you make your pick. In New York City, contractors like SanMar Building Services are ahead of the curve in offering the best office cleaning NYC has available. As you find out more about each company's scope of services, you'll quickly see there is a difference. A well-trained staff, up-to-date methods, the latest implements, newer equipment, and advanced products will improve results considerably. Make sure also to choose a janitorial service with strong client reviews and longstanding customer relationships. Stability with clients is a reliable indicator of excellent service and overall satisfaction. Knowing the unique qualities of your workplace and its needs also help the process. Make sure to bring up special requests early in the contractor interviewing process. The better ones will speak to your specific needs and make accommodations to adjust their cleaning checklists accordingly. High standards of cleanliness at work require careful planning and thorough daily service. Companies that are well organized and efficient do a better job.

Highly effective office cleaning also includes more efficient methods, such as a team approach rather than a zone style. In the old days, each cleaner was assigned a zone of responsibility and handled all tasks within that area. The newer and more practical approach is team cleaning in which certain people are responsible for specific functions throughout your facility. Each person has an area of expertise and works through your offices handling that type of service. The workflow moves much faster, and results are improved considerably following this newer method. Contractors who take the time to update their practices should be higher on your list because they will accomplish more for the budget you have available. Dusting and above-the-floor cleaning are other essential functions that do not receive enough emphasis form many companies. No matter how clean the floors are, your workplace will not be its cleanest without attention to other areas such as desks, counters, and conference tables. Particularly in higher traffic areas, these need to be wiped down and polished daily. Fingerprints, scuffs, and other grime can build up quickly when proper maintenance happens any less than daily.

Client service practices such as answering the phones live rather than allowing them to go to voicemail makes all the difference. Better cleaning contractors provide these extra touches to assure your satisfaction. Routine site visits and walkthroughs re essential quality-control measures offered by leading janitorial services. They take their office cleaning seriously, and it means your premises will be well-tended and maintained at all times. If your company includes VIP or celebrity clients or executives, it's more essential then ever to have remarkably clean surroundings. Media attention and higher standards naturally accompany these types, and they must be seen in impeccable surroundings. If you have lunchrooms on-site at your offices, thorough daily cleaning is the best means of defense against unwanted pests such as insects or rodents, not to mention the need to keep these spaces sanitary and clean for the health of all.

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