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Why is Buying a Title Insurance Beneficial in Boca Raton?

By Caitlyn Williams In Home & Lifestyle Posted On May 21,2018 0 Comments

Title insurance is a form of insurance which prevents any sort of financial loss from problems in the title of the real estate or from the invalidity of the mortgage loans. The work of a title insurance is to protect both the buyers and the sellers from any sorts of damages. There are two types of predominant title insurances namely; the owner’s insurance and lender’s insurance. Unlike the conventional insurances which safeguard the client from future occurrences, a title insurance provides a blanket of protection for the past events such as forgery of title documentation, pending lawsuits, the claim of property ownership by someone else etc. It is always advisable to buy title insurance in Boca Raton while buying a property. We at Capital Abstract help you in doing so.

What does Title Insurance Do?

The sole purpose of a title insurance to protect and provide the deserved benefits to all the parties in the legal real estate transaction.

  • The Lender

Lender’s title insurance is the most common type of title insurance which the borrower is bound to buy to protect the lender in the cases when the seller is not legally able to give the title of ownership rights. This policy only protects the lender from any sort of loss. It also provides the mortgage lender a high sense of security against the loss of safety as a result of problems arising in the title.

  • The Seller

Title insurance in Boca Raton protects the sellers from any form of financial loss if the seller's title is not accepted by the prospective buyer. Also, the seller is safeguarded even if the buyer sues the seller on the basis of a false claim of warranties.

  • The Purchaser of the Property

A title insurance protects the purchaser from the insured owner, financial damages due to problems arising in the title of the real estate purchased, the owner's heirs as long as they hold the title to the estate etc. This policy will cover all sorts of problems arising from claims regarding both the non-records and the public records coming forth during the title search.


It is important to ensure that you actually hold the title to the real estate property to protect yourself from any sorts of claims. In order to blanket yourself from these claims, it's beneficial to have a real estate attorney who is thoroughly practiced and experienced. Purchasing a title insurance in Boca Raton while buying a property can surely help you in achieving a peace of mind.

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