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Beginner’s Kit for Bonsai – Know the Essential Tools

By Rudra Digital In News Posted On April 17,2019 0 Comments

Bonsai is a Japanese art form of cultivating small miniature trees in a pot or container. Bonsai trees may look like ornamental small plants, but in reality, they are dwarfed varieties of trees and shrubs in pots. A bonsai tree usually does not exceed 1 meter in height. This art form can be applied to both indoor and outdoor trees. The essence of Bonsai is to produce a healthy miniature representation of an actual tree in a pot.

In today’s urbanized homes, we are losing touch with nature. The art of growing bonsai is a great way to insert some greenery into our living space. A bonsai tree has to be cultivated through years of discipline. Special attention has to be paid to the shaping and styling of the trees. It may take years for some people to perfectly master the art of pruning and wiring to keep the trees miniaturized.

While growing bonsai trees can be a very rewarding hobby, it also requires hard work and extreme patience. If you are a beginner to the art of bonsai, the first thing you will need is a bonsai tree, soil and a pot. Next in line, you must acquire the best quality bonsai gardening tools online. As you’re just starting out, you will only need a few essential bonsai tools.

Japanese bonsai tools are both expensive and of high quality, while Chinese tools offer a good quality at reasonable prices. Most of the bonsai gardening tools online are made of black steel, which are durable but require a bit more maintenance because it can rust. Stainless steel tools are a bit pricey, as they are highly durable and also rust-resistant. Use your bonsai tools only for their intended purpose and treat them well, to ensure their long life.

The must-have bonsai tools are:

  • Shears:

Shears are mainly used for cutting twigs, smaller branches, leaves and roots. They are available in many different shapes and sizes. Shears that are wide in shape are strong enough for thicker twigs, while narrower and longer ones make it easier to work in the middle of a dense canopy, and small shears are best suited for trimming or removing wilted flowers. Buy the required gardening tools online based on the type of bonsai tree you have.

  • Concave cutters:

Concave cutters are designed to cut branches flush to the trunk in a way that promotes fast and smooth healing with very little scarring. A clean and flush cut is necessary when you are removing branches while styling your bonsai tree. Using the concave cutters does not leave a stump or any noticeable scar. Concave cutters come with straight blades and semi-round blades.

  • Training Wire:

The purpose of training wire is to change the direction or shape of that part of the tree. The wire is wrapped and then the trunk or branch is gently bent to the desired shape or position.

  • Wire Cutters:

Different from a hardware store wire cutter, bonsai wire cutters are specially designed with a rounded head and jaws that cut wire symmetrically. They are used to clip off the wire around branches and trunks causing the least damage to your bonsai tree.

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