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Car Tyres: How to choose right type & tyre brand

By Khan Chacha In News Posted On November 26,2017 0 Comments

Tyres are fundamentally important for every vehicle. As they are responsible for moving vehicle; they are in direct contact with the road. Prolong exposure to uneven roads, extreme weather, sunlight and heat can deteriorate them before the time if left untreated. Another major cause of losing tread wear is rough driving style.

Whether the tyres get damaged due to any of these physical factors or they have completed the standard duration, you will need to replace them. When it comes to replacing these rubber spheres, you can’t make a random selection. Rather you have to pay special attention to pick right type and suitable brand among car tyre brands.

Right choice enhances not only the overall performance and safety of your vehicle, but also reduces fuel consumption. Legal minimum tread depth for passenger cars should be between 1.5 mm-1.6 mm. Auto owners are advised to check this depth regularly, as it is necessary to maintain a secure contact between the tyre and road to ensure a safe drive.

You may be seeking to replace them, as they get old and worn out due to constant use and harsh environmental conditions. Here I am sharing few simple things you should consider to select the most suitable tires.

 Look for the right size

 Find out the tyre size and type of your car. This is mandatory to fit them over wheel perfectly to ensure safe and smooth drive. You can check the size yourself by looking at the side walls of the current tyres. Manufacturers mention this information with a combination of characters.

Another way to find this specification is checking the manufacturer’s placard that is either present in driver’s door or under the bonnet or in the glove box. Knowing this information is crucial to pick the brand selling tires of this specification.


Search for the right brand

A wide variety of brands is available in the market to meet diversified needs and variable budgets of buyers. All brands have their own strengths and weaknesses. Few of them are long lasting whereas others may offer better grip and smooth drive. You are free to select any brand as long as it is fulfilling your needs.


Conduct a market survey and decide the suitable type and brand depending on its quality, design and production. Remember purchasing tires is an investment. The more you spend the better quality and performance you can expect. You can also consult your mechanic or vehicle manufacturer for further advice to choose the right type and brand for your vehicle.


Seek out online/offline        

You may adopt the traditional shopping method and visit the local auto shop or you can also start searching on the web. In fact online stores often have a wider variety and discount deals. E-store can be a great option if you are seeking a highly specific type or brand. Availability of quality products at reasonable prices is the major benefit of online shopping. 

Endnote: Selecting the right Falken car tyre brand is a big decision and requires special consideration to buy the best and accurate tires for your vehicle. 


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