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Seven steps of fixing rust on your luxury car

By Khan Chacha In News Posted On October 26,2017 0 Comments

When it comes to detailing and maintaining automobiles, fixing rust spots on the auto body becomes a priority. This is because rust has the ability to spread extremely quickly if left untreated. It is an oxide compound made up of iron, oxygen and water. This is formed upon prolonged and continuous exposure to moisture. Condition becomes even worse than anything in the presence of slat and acid.  Ignorance would even make vehicles unsafe to drive.

Automobiles become highly vulnerable to rust deposits, especially during winter due to reaction of salt under the carriage. A reliable BMW car Service in Dubai always check every single vehicle for the signs like peeling paint, scratches and paint swirls.

Below I am sharing few simple steps to fix rust spot successfully without causing further damages.

Clean rusty part

Before you scrape the rust out from the surface, simply wash and clean the affected area and spray automotive adhesive remover to clean wax residues.

Localize the area

After washing isolate the rusty spot with the help masking tape. This will protect surrounding area from damages during the process.

Remove paint and primer from rusty area

You may use sand paper to do this job. However, according to experts grit wheel gives better results and completely remove the coatings of paint and primer along with rust deposits. Use it till the surface becomes completely smooth and bare metal gets visible.

Though, you should use this tool with extreme care to avoid damaging the metal. Don’t forget to roll up the windows to avoid settling fine particles on interior surfaces. Also wear a mask and protective goggles for personal protection. 

Apply rust remover

Though grinder or grit wheel scratches away maximum deposits, application of rust remover followed by sandpaper treatment is necessary to ensure maximum removal of these hazardous deposits. 


Make affected area bit concave

Pick up the body hammer and tap the affected area to produce a concave indent. Indent is generated to maintain the level of treated area with surrounding untreated area. Otherwise body fillers create bumps if applied on unprepared surfaces.

Follow instructions written on the body filler kit and make a paste with filler and hardener and apply it well over the rusted area. Coat little higher than surrounding area and let this paste dry completely.


Prepare surface for primer application

Once this paste get dried completely, pickup 80 grit sand paper and sand that area very well to create and even and smooth surface. For best results use 240 grit sand papers and clean the surface thoroughly to remove dust particles from the surface. After this apply several coats of primer to strengthen the surface.  Sand it after every single application for excellent finish.


Apply paint and clear coat

Pick closely matching paint and spray it over the surface. Let it dry and sand the surface with 400 grit paper. Repeat this process several times and finally apply clear coat to safeguard it from rust and other contaminants deposits.

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