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The Soaring Demand for Business Blockchain Specialists

By Aileen Scott In News Posted On December 03,2018 0 Comments

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the two most widely used terms in the tech community. As a matter of fact, they are today's commonly discussed topics amongst the masses as well. So, what makes them so popular?

It is the skyrocketing utility which makes them special to be given attention to. Especially for professional who can see a lucrative future for themselves by grasping knowledge on blockchain & crypto and build a strong career by applying their learnings at the right place. But where can one work after gaining an understanding of these subjects?

Areas of Blockchain Application

It is pretty fortunate for Blockchain specialists that there is a huge availability of places where their proficiency of using blockchain technologies can be applied. As more and more industries today are being enticed with the benefits that blockchain has to offer.

Organizations are enthralled by the versatility, transparency, and efficiency that are inherent to the Blockchain technology. These characteristics make it practical and profitable for companies to integrate it into their vast business processes.

Though the world of finance was one of the early sectors to embrace this magnificent invention, however, there are a plethora of industries that soon followed. For instance, the agricultural segment which is dependent on tons of external factors to succeed can attract great amounts of prosperity by incorporating blockchain into the supply chains to make it more transparent and well-planned. And evidently, there is a long line of domains that are dawning to reap the benefits from this breakthrough technology.

Moreover, Arcade City, the latest competitor of Uber (Taxi service), is utilizing blockchain technology to provide better service to the public. Though the company has a similar app, it offers the drivers with autonomy as by following a decentralized system, they have way more control over their operations than anyone else in the business.

This shows that the business world is becoming extremely friendly to this technology making it convenient for business blockchain specialists to look for job options. As from startups to consortiums to banks, a range of public as well as private sector firms are carrying out an extensive hunt for blockchain specialists, developers, analysts, managers and so on.

The salary structure for Blockchain Specialists

Being the top-notch industry of this century, Blockchain is a remunerative place to be for professionals who are eager to earn big bucks.

Talking about salaries in the UK, Blockchain specialists are fetching around £ 40,000-50,000. And if you are working for a large firm, you can even earn as much as £100,000 - 150,000. Further, if you choose to settle in Russia, it is likely for you to receive a remuneration that is twenty-five percent higher than the average rate at present.

Now, moving on to salaries in the United States, a Blockchain develop is drawing almost $130,000 annually while if you go to Switzerland, you will notice that the salary goes up from $120,000 to 180,000 which makes it a great place to work for Blockchain developers.

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