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What is Blackberry Bold Price in New Zealand

By Khan Chacha In News Posted On March 19,2018 0 Comments

When do you change your smart phone? How do you keep yourself abreast of latest phones in the market? Every year several smart phones are released by a plethora of brands. Users often tend to stick to particular brand. Whether you call it a sense of belonging or loyalty to the brand it is. It goes without saying that people like to get their hands on smart phones brought by reputed brands. When it comes to the debate of smart phones, you cannot easily forget to mention blackberry smart phones.

Today you will get to know about bold series of smart phones by Blackberry. Recently, two smart phones – blackberry bold 9900 and 9700 were launched in October 2009. Here we will look at the features, specs and prices of both models.

Features, specs and price of blackberry bold 9700:

The price of Blackberry Bold is lower as it is available on discounts up to 67% off. By dint of this bigger sale, you can save 1951 Dollars. So, what else are you looking for? The Blackberry Bold Price in New Zealand is just 999 Dollars. The amazing feature of the phone is its very light weight of just 122 grams specified by QWERTY keyboard. Such a keyboard is an old tradition of blackberry. On top of that, the optical track pad is as cool as any other option. It is not only easy but also fun to play on it.

Other key features of the phone include 3.15 mega pixels of back camera along with autofocus and image stabilization system. Upgradable blackberry OS and 624 MHz are the best features.

 Features, specs and price of blackberry bold 9900:

Blackberry Bold Price in UAE is as low as 839 Dollars, allowing you to save 411 Dollars as per 33% of discount. As the phone is specified by graphic card, bigger processor of 1.2 GHz and 24-bit resolution, there are good chances that you will like it. On top of that, this model is featured in stainless steel body. All these features add up for better performance and elegant design of the phone.

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Taimoor Khan is a senior SEO consultant, working with Starlinks – A complete web design and development company in Auckland, New Zealand.

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