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Different Types of Gardens in an Urban Home

By Antara Chatterjee In Government & Politics Posted On August 16,2019 0 Comments

In today’s modern age, most of us lead a hectic urban lifestyle. As more people live in apartment homes, gardens and lawns have become a rarity nowadays. Lack of residential space is a crucial problem faced by many in these urban cities. For people living in high-rising towers, having a personal garden is an unfamiliar concept. But, as the saying goes: Where there is will, there is a way.

A real gardening enthusiast will find a way to grow plants in any corner of their home, no matter how little space is available. Urban dwellers are slowly coming up with innovative concepts like rooftop garden and vertical gardening. These different types of gardens help apartment owners to have a nice green corner in their home. They can easily buy specialized gardening equipment from the market to maintain their indoor garden at home. A rooftop garden or a kitchen garden has different needs, and the plants have to be given special care and attention.

The most common types of gardens in an urban home are:

Patio Gardens

In urban areas, people mostly live in concrete jungles surrounded by skyscrapers. But those who really want to, you can create a small garden space in the balcony or patio. A little corner for your relaxation, your balcony can be turned into a beautiful garden area. The basic garden equipment you’ll need is colorful earthen pots to grow little saplings in them. Choose your favorite flowering plants, so that your patio garden is always in a blooming condition. You can also pick leafy plants or medicinal herbs to plant in your garden. Gardeners will need small digging tools that do not spread too much mess on the floor. Your gardening tasks shall not leave any soil marks on the balcony floor.

Vertical Gardens

Everyone is not lucky enough to have a balcony in their home. Vertical gardening is ideal for those apartments which do not have space for a patio garden. This style of gardening concentrates on growing climbing plants like vines and creepers. They can be grown in tiny baskets, pots, jars, or even racks that can be hanged anywhere on the wall. The garden equipment required to grow vines and climbers include netting and pole frames, pruners and secateurs. The good part about vertical gardening is that one needs to deal with lesser number of pests and weeds with growing vines.

Terrace Gardens

Terrace gardening is usually undertaken by all the families in a building or high-rise tower. It is a form of community farming where everyone agrees to build a rooftop garden in the shared terrace space. Mostly, terrace gardening promotes organic farming where you grow your own fruits and vegetables. Beginners can start with only one vegetable at first, and then slowly expand the garden. The easiest vegetables to grow are tomato, ladies finger, brinjal, spinach, and more. How many vegetables you can grow in a terrace garden will depend on the space you have. By successfully growing your own food, you can always ensure healthy and fresh vegetables for you and your family. Thus, gardening can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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