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Bit guardian parental control alternative to google family link

Often parents ask a question, “Is there a Google Family Link alternative available in the market?” Here is your long-awaited answer.

Android Play Store is flooded with uncountable parental control apps for kids monitoring and safety. However, many apps offer similar or better, get shelved because of the push from certain big brands. 

One such case is with Google Family Link app. We can’t deny that the app is a versatile app with many exciting features for kid’s smartphone control and safety. However, many apps are offering more advanced features and functionality for decreasing kid’s smartphone obsession. 


Google Family Link offerings were analyzed and weighed against many other apps.  The best alternative to the app is diagnosed to beBit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control is an Android mobile app that limits the screen time of kids and controls their usage of inappropriate apps. Another advantage of using this app is the facility to track kids through GPS enabled tools. Google Family Link provides similar options for reducing kids’ mobile usage, but Bit Guardian Parental Control does it far better than you know.

Let’s familiarize you with certain aspects of the Bit Guardian Parental Control App, which will validate the fact that there are better apps in the market.


1.    Control what your kid downloads

The app is suitable for parents who wish to control their kids’ usage of indecent apps. Installing App Blocker is a smart solution to block the installation of a new app from the Play Store. This feature ensures kids are not able to add new application by their own will and wish. 

2.    Block inappropriate apps

App Blocker is another way to handle the problem of inappropriate apps like Tinder, Poof, Kik messenger, etc. A parent can easily access the list of apps in kids’ phone and block any unsuitable app by one click. If the kid wishes to use any app, he/she can ask for permission from the parent from their child device.  

3.  Through Kiosk Mode you can feed their curiosity

Just like Google Family Link helps in adding suitable apps in kids’ phone, Kiosk Mode in Bit Guardian Parental Control encourages parents to initiate a new phone launcher on the child device. Now, the parent can add selected essential apps on the child device and ensure the child is not able to use any unsuitable app.

4. Set Screen time limits

Setting the screen limit is an essential task to reduce the effect of screen time on kids. Also, it decreases the addiction to a mobile phone. Time Schedule helps in setting daily routine on a particular category of apps like gaming and social media. The apps will not be available to the kid during the defined duration.

5. Remotely Lock device

If your kid spends an excessive amount of time in front of the screen, hampering their academics, then another way to reduce screen time is to lock the device. Time Schedule offers a method to lock the device for a duration defined by the parent. 

6.  Track your kid on-the-go

GPS enabled tools of this kid monitoring Android app is incredible. The app has been offering the accurate location of kids when required. There are additional benefits to using GPS. Geofencing helps in marking a virtual boundary of kids and sends an immediate alert to the parent on entry or exit from the radius. Secondly, you can track kid’s over speeding habit by setting a threshold speed. If kids make the mistake of exceeding the limit, then an alert is sent to the parent.


-    Family Link works on Android 4.4 KitKat or higher in parent device and on child device it requires Android 7.0 Nougat or above. This may need parents to upgrade kids on newer devices, which means a new expense fot parents.

-    Currently, if you have created a Google account for your child, you cannot lie about their age to get around Google’s age policy, which means this account does not get converted to a Family Link account. You and your child have to start from scratch by creating a fresh account.

-    The signing in process takes a few extra minutes than normal Google processes. The overall time to set up the entire device took 15 minutes along with adding kids account. The setup time in Bit Guardian Parental Control is comparatively less.

-    A child will be able to see ads on their device, which is again a plus point in Bit Guardian Parental Control. It prohibits advertisements on the child device. 

-    Last but not least, we found out that the app was only available for users in the USA, which is a bit disappointing for Google users in the rest of the world. 

Don’t make the mistake of running behind an app because of the brand name, make a wise choice by comparing the similarities and differences. So, Install the best Google Family Link Alternative for your kid’s overall digital discipline.

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