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Decoding Sales Force Automation

By Antara Chatterjee In Science & Technology Posted On October 29,2019 0 Comments

In the modern era, new technologies aimed at making business proceedings efficient and simple, are popping up all the time. One of them is SFA. Sales force automation commonly referred to as SFA, it is a software which controls the sales pipeline by data distribution, data analysis, and data interpretation.

The main objective of any sales force automation app is to generate the right data and bring down administrative tasks. It improves productivity by saving time. In simple words, SFA is a fine amalgamation of data interpretation and artificial intelligence which adds a new dimension to the sales process.

The best part of this customizable app is the fact that it brings everything under one banner. In a typical sales process, a sales team is scattered working in different geographies. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to convey a simple message. No need of confusions, unnecessary phone calls, and a lot of mails, with this automation app, one can simply convey a message with a single click. Everyone gets notified instantaneously and everyone is always on the same page. This saves time by eradicating unnecessary confusions.

Managers can also use SFA to keep a check on productivity by monitoring people’s productivity. It provides real-time data, MIS, and a graphical representation, which helps in determining productivity. Real-time KPI related data also helps the management to provide instant feedback and to take prompt decisions. Added to that, GPS enabled resource tracking feature helps the management to keep a check on the sales team working on different geographies. Updated data helps the management to make long-term and short-term plans. In simple words, an SFA makes the job of a manager and salesperson easy by bridging the gap.

SFA is available in different varieties. And, the requirement varies in accordance with the size of the venture, scope, or area of operation. It can be used as an independent app or a cloud service.

The biggest benefit of an SFA is that it saves time and help owners to manage a business on the go. A robust system will streamline the entire process.

It is a one-stop solution and the utilities are not just confined to sales force management. One can also use sales force automation app to manage the order. This solution takes care of primary sales and secondary sales. Invoices and order details can be easily updated in the app. Furthermore, business owners can also get a real-time status of the delivery such as routes, the time required, sales report, and order fulfillment.

Owing to the array of benefits, the popularity of sales force automation tools are increasing at a galloping pace. In today’s world of hardcore competition, it is very important to keep pace. And this is where technology can make a huge difference. The advent of artificial intelligence has embarked business houses all over the world with enhanced performance. Furthermore, these automated solutions are incredibly easy to handle. As a result, even the most complex issue can be solved by a mere click.

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