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By Aileen Scott In Science & Technology Posted On October 03,2017 0 Comments

There’s no denying that big data and analytics when coupled up with advanced tools and techniques do wonders. Almost every sector and every company is leveraging the power of big data to make the most of their business process.

Progressive advances are being made each day by associations and organizations figuring out how to consolidate the voluminous data- welcome, big data era. From IoT to artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data is taking over the world today.

As they say, every great thing is surrounded by myths- so is big data. given below are some myths associated with big data solutions-

Everyone is doing it

When anything as exciting as big data came into market- every company made sure that they don’t miss the opportunity to unlock the maximum potential of it. Despite all the stories that are being written about big data and analytics are probably the over exaggeration of it. Not every corporation is using it- there are some that haven’t embraced the big data solutions yet.

It's always about size

Volume is only one of the characterizing attributes of Big Data. Different things, for example, veracity or speed of the data are similarly as imperative. Data is coming in quicker than any time and the more rapidly you can process it, the more exceptional and significant it is probably going to be. Data is additionally accessible in progressively different structures – a more prominent assortment of data implies you have more methods for taking a gander at a test – and will probably locate a creative arrangement. Truth be told, an excess of data – especially on the off chance that it is old or from a predetermined number of sources, can be extremely confusing for the data science professionals.  The big data era demands nothing less than sense that you put in the right big data approaches.

It will reveal to you what will occur next

With regards to foreseeing the future, data doesn't really disclose to us anything that is sure – and any individual who reveals to you it does, is attempting to offer you something.

Big Data and analytics – the driven forecast is tied in with extrapolating what is destined to occur later- thanks to big data solutions, in view of what you know has occurred before. On the off chance that you are investigating ongoing data, it can consider what is occurring now, too. Be that as it may, any expectations it gives you will be founded on a likelihood, and there is dependably an edge for blunder.

Big Data is just an issue if you are a part of the IT wing

As PCs ended up noticeably less expensive and more open they started showing up on each work area and pretty much every worker of an association would utilize one on an everyday premise. A similar rule applies to data – in spite of the fact that it might appear like its characteristic home, on the off chance that you keep it secured up in the IT office then different parts of the business will pass up a major opportunity.

Big data era is here- make the most of it without falling for the myths!

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