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The Complete Guide Of Chatbots

By Swati Tyagi In Science & Technology Posted On October 14,2019 0 Comments

What is chatbot (The Complete Guide Of Chatbot) ?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence that is used for human conversation mainly in business. It is used to provide services to the end user in the world wide web. Mainly it is for marketing business companies which is beneficial for social networking hubs & instant messaging clients as well.

A chatbot is also known as an artificial conversational entity, talkbot & chatterbox. Online chatbots utilize the time & effort of customer for their queries. Mostly chatbot are used for establishing interaction between humans & machines. It provides appropriate response for the user’s request.

Example:- eBay chatbot is the advanced e-commerce chatbot which is mostly used. It is built for the Google Assistant, which means that we can use it with your Google Home or on your phone. You can ask him to buy anything in the world, at a very low price.

Chatbot are mainly used in two ways:-

Ø Rule based:-Rule based chatbots are used for predefined responses from database & keyword used to search.

Ø Machine based:-Machine base chatbots has capabilities to inherit from artificial intelligence & cognitive computing to adopt their behavior based on customer interactions.

How chatbot works ?

Chatbot is mainly use to provide customer services & resolve their queries in many of the technical & non-technical fields using dialog box without wasting seconds chatbot will immediately respond as a medium of customers query. For simple Q/A bot requires skillset & knowledge base in which limited questions involved where smart machine use to learn harness of chatbot to fulfill potential of artificial intelligence.

Example:- Facebook messenger & eBay are the best example for chatbot.

There are mainly four major parameter are use as Text classifiers, suitable algorithm, Artificial Neural Networks & Natural language processing (NLP).

NLP involves two processes: -

Natural Language Understanding also known as NLU and Natural Language Generation also known as NLG.

  •  NLU is the ability of the chatbot to understand a human. It is the process of converting text into structured data for a machine to understand.
  •  NLG transforms structured data into text.

There are a few main steps in NLP mechanism:-

  1. Tokenization – Splitting a sentence into different parts, words or “tokens”.
  2. Part of speech tagging – Which words are nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
  3. Stemming – Shorting a word to its basic form.
  4. Named entity recognition – Finds entities in the text that user has typed.
  5. Sentiment Analysis – Ability of the computer to recognize users emotions and mood.

Here are a few NLP platforms:-

There are pre-made platforms that can help you implement NLP into your chatbot. Here is a list of great tools are mention below.

How chatbot are used for business ?

In businesses chatbots are used for a variety of cases, such as customer service. Simply an artificial intelligence service can be used to answer simple questions, help users book services, get more information about a specific topic, buy a product, etc. Chatbot help expedite & allow human agents to focus on more relevant problems. At the same time a chatbot allows the company to have a 24/7 service to attend to their customer’s needs.

For businesses, it is necessary to solve the queries and problems of the customers to ensure consumer loyalty along with the brand establishment. Now people are looking to take help of machines to remove the constraints of human limitations. Chatbots are considered the future of customer service and management.

·        Chatbots have potential: the modern chatbot is still a young technology. With the continuing development of AI, the potential for bots in business and personal lives is unlimited.

·        They can be easy to build: It depends on what you want to achieve, of course, but you can design a simple chatbot based on the Facebook Messenger without any programming experience.

·        Chatbots emphasize the company's brand and image: The chatbot represents the company when it’s communicating with the customer so, from a marketing point of view, it is a perfect for brand building.

·        They offer straightforward services: A well-optimized chatbot communicates only the essentials and does not aware again to the user.

Chatbots automate processes: Bots are able to take on human work for, generally speaking, mundane or basic analytic tasks.

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