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Top 3 Parameters to Choose a Sales Force Automation Tool for Your Business

Sales force automation tools help streamline your sales process and maximize leverage out of all resources, including your workforce, tools, efforts, and systems. The right system enables you to manage sales pipeline, increases visibility, and gives your sales team more control over the entire conversion process.

Since sales are crucial to your business’ revenue and bottom line, it makes sense to put in some thought in choosing the right sales force automation tool.

Here are a few parameters you can consider and fine-tune to your unique needs.

Features of the SFA Tool

What exactly are you looking for in your sales force automation tool?

You might be looking for capabilities such as sales forecasting, reporting and analytics, visibility into secondary sales, order and purchase history tracking, lead and opportunity management, invoicing and billing, contact management, and so on.

On average, sales reps spend nearly two-thirds, or 64.8 percent of their time on non-revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2 percent of their time for functions relevant to making sales.

This drastically hampers their productivity and directly affects your sales.

Administrative tasks are responsible for 14.8 percent of this effectiveness drain, followed by downtime tasks such as checking social media and catching up with colleagues.

Perhaps the right sales force automation solution can stop this efficiency leakage by offering ou features that eliminate administrative tasks from your reps’ desks.

The Support, Maintenance, and Migration

If you are already using an organization-wide CRM, you might be averse to making changes to disturb the overall flow of information, applications, and data within your enterprise. However, with a software development team who can provide you a customized sales force automation tool, and take care of its support and maintenance, you are sorted.

Look for an SFA partner who delivers value along with an SFA solution. You might need their help to migrate processes to the new tool or to make sure there is never downtime or low productivity.

Training and upskilling activities can also prove valuable when you are adopting a new solution.


Mobility is such a key component of what your sales reps do. Therefore, it makes sense to help them access all applications and information on-the-go. A mobile-first sales force automation solution can highly boost the productivity and efficiency of your sales reps, allowing them to do critical tasks while on the fly.

Since your on-field sales team might find it challenging to report progress to their managers, track schedules, and access data that can enhance the quality of their visits, an SFA solution that works on mobile can be a great asset.

Your sales force automation tool should have all parameters that are mission-critical to the success of your sales team. At MaxMobility, we encourage our clients to turn inward and find out the key areas where they could use automation and digitization to boost sales efficiency.

The right SFA tool can positively impact your bottom line. Are you ready?

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