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Top 5 Lessons About Sales Force Automation App To Learn Before You Hit 30

Sales and marketing are getting increasingly digitized businesses. People in all roles in the two departments need access to information at all times to do their jobs well. For salespeople, this facilitation can be done by a sales force automation app.

Sales force automation tools make data and applications available 24/7, anywhere. Sales teams can drive campaigns that stick and convert. Moreover, the personalization of campaigns is possible with an automated sales process.

Salesperson burnout might be killing your business. A sales force automation app can bring relief to every sales team- since they can now focus on what’s really important- selling!

Here are five lessons to learn about a Sales Force Automation (SFA) app sooner rather than later.

Lesson 1: It should be planned carefully

A sales force automation tool cannot be brought off-the-shelf in a day if you want to maximize the returns from it. For real digitization and ROI, you need to spend some time planning your SFA tool.

Consider the working style of your salespersons, the challenges they face, the solutions they would need, and what matters to them. Next, you might want to consider what parts of your process you would like to be automated.

After enough strategizing, you will have a clearer idea of what you want in your SFA solution. Without this brainstorming, you might buy features your teams will never use and lose out on some that were critical to your people.

Lesson 2: Your SFA solution needs to be feature-rich

You don’t want to invest in poor product implementation, only to realize it does not bring you results. If you want to drive business profit through an SFA solution, you need one that has the mission-critical features:

●     Lead and contact management

●     On-field sales fleet tracking

●     Performance measurement

●     Secondary sales visibility

●     Reports and dashboards

●     Analytics and insights

Less or more, based on your unique needs.

Lesson 3: You would need integrations

An SFA solution cannot be a standalone solution mounted on an island. For your sales teams to work efficiently with a sales force automation tool, you need one that would integrate with the existing systems in your organization, such as email, file sync, database, marketing solutions, and so on.

Any solution cannot fit in your current infrastructure will not be able to give leverage to your sales teams’ productivity.

Lesson 4: You need the latest technology inbuilt

Your sales force automation tool needs to be using artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive analytics, or voice recognition to make it a future-proof software. Automating tedious tasks remains a crucial benefit of an SFA solution, and you can realize that only with the latest technology.

Lesson 5: It needs to be able to process data and provide insights

Data is a real asset in the digital age. Your sales force automation solution should be able to harness data from customer reviews and feedback, calls, historical sales data, and so on.

You can then process this data to learn about your customer sentiment, launch a new product depending on customer interest, forecast sales in a given period, plan inventory, personalize sales outreach messages, and so on.

These are the top lessons we have learned along the way, delivering sales force automation tools to businesses around the world in all significant industries.

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