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Track Kids Location with Mobile Tracker

By Addison Albert In Science & Technology Posted On January 29,2020 0 Comments

Parenting over the years has become the very tough job for parents especially for the ones that have to do multiple jobs for their bread and butter. Therefore, parents have to look after their kids and teens even when they are at their offices. They make calls back and forth to ask the kids and teens what they are doing at the moment and what places hanging out with the friends. On the other hands, children demand the freedom to form their parents and they cannot live in the present world with parents made rules. They are living in the digital world, where they can talk with the people whom they don’t know in real lives and there are chances they can manipulate the online friends.

Parents are fully aware of the fact that there are people in the online world that are used for trapping teens and kids and they want to meet them in real-life. So, they become very insecure and they want to know at what place their children are present and what time they are at the home and school. Let’s discuss the issues that make parents worry no time ever before.

Fear Factor of parents regarding kids

There are following fear factors has triggers among the parents and they always want to know the presence of kids and teens.

Bullies at school are the main reason behind the silence, non-social behavior and depression and anxiety are the main causes. Young kids sometimes don’t reach the school even they pretend to the parents they have visited the school. So, parents have to take care of the kids they regularly visiting the school. So, they have to keep an eye on kids and teens location at least.

Online Stalkers

Young kids and teens use cell phones and social media apps and trapped by the online stalkers. They win the trust of kids and teens and made them friends and they want to meet in real life. So, parents have to keep an eye on what time and place kids and teens are going outside the house and what anonymous place they are going at the moment that they never went before.

Sexual predators

They are sexually frustrated people that meet kids and teens online and then want to have a physical relationship with teens in real life. They emotionally blackmail to teens and reported cases have found on the news where teens get raped by the group of people.


They are child abusers; they hunt kids in the neighborhood. So, parents don’t allow their young kids to go outside without their parent's permissions and if they go outside parents have to keep an eye on their activities.

Hidden whereabouts

Young teens usually have their hidden whereabouts and they do parties with their friends. Young kids and teens usually get involved in substance abuse and they suffer from health issues.  Young teens that use alcohols lost their consciousness and get involved in sexual encounters. So, parents have to keep an eye on the kids and teens activities and the location they are present at the moment.

Use TOS GPS Location Tracker

First of all, parents have to subscribe to TheOneSpy android spy app on your kids and teens device no matter what if they are running the Android and IOS. Get the credentials through email and install the kids monitoring app on the phone. Once you have done with the installation process then activate it. Now users need to visit the features and get their hands on the GPS location tracker. A user will get the exact and the current location of the child along with the complete time stamp. A user will be able to get location history, weekly location history and also can set the safe and restricted areas for the kids.

What should Parents do?

We are all aware of the fact that even young kids and teens have their smartphones and they love to keep their gadgets all time with them. So, the parents should use mobile tracker software to track the location of the kids in order to take affirmative action if there are in real danger.


Parents should use TOS GPS location tracking app and get to know the location and hidden whereabouts of kids and teens to protect them from all above-mentioned dangers.

Author Bio:

Addison is journalist, social media activist and blogger at Techscrolling. He is passionate content manger and contributes towards digital parenting, kids online and offline issues and solution. To know more about him follow twitter addisonalbert55

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