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What Are The Best Possible Practices For Creating Successful iOS Games

By Red Apple Tech In Science & Technology Posted On June 12,2019 0 Comments

The growing popularity of iOS platform clearly indicates that there will be no dearth of its demand for mobile gaming in the near future. This is because half of the downloads in the App Store comprise of games. The present day industry of mobile game development is full of intense competition due to the participation of thousands of players across the globe. iOS game development is not free from this situation.

So if you think of making your own iPhone game get prepared for a cut throat competition.

Get in touch with an iOS game development company today, if you plan to come up with your own game in the coming future.

Lets look at the following tips so that you can understand what it takes to make iPhone games unique and engaging.

Conquer and divide: Before starting with the process of game development, you need to think about the future concept of your app. It means that you have to be cautious about the game mechanics and content for attracting and engaging gamers. For instance while creating a platform game, your game mechanics should involve physics, the control of the character, the behavior of the rivals etc. On the other hand, the game content will deal with various levels surrounding your game environment.

You can have 200 or 20 levels with landscapes, objects and textures for entertaining the players. But the mechanics have to be the same from one location to the other. To make your gameplay exceptional, the modeling of the game mechanics should be in code. The rest should not be in code files.

For making complex and rich games, it can be divided into resource files and gameplay files. While the gameplay files can hard-code the mechanics, the resource files will help you in storing collection of different animations, game objects, positions etc.

Blending of core timer and time dependent actions: You can orchestrate the actions of your games by using Update Loop. It will help you to represent your game in a comprehensive manner. It in fact acts as a timer be setting how frequent will be rendered on the screen.

Normally, the rendering of mobile games are done with 60 frames per second. But developers can prefer to choose their own timers to suit specific requirements. The developers need to keep in mind that the global rendering speed can significantly slow down in mobile games. It can happen when the device in which it is running gets overloaded or even when the game becomes rich or complex.

It results in making the game actions out of sync. So, to avoid this, you are suggested to use the timer provided by your engine instead of using your own.

Controlling the memory consumption: Do not enable your gaming app to consume the memory of your device. You have to look for various ways through which you can control the memory usage. One of the vital tips to reduce memory consumption is avoiding the use of png loading function of Apple’s GLSprite Demo. It can slow down your game’s performance by consuming lots of cache images and memory. Also you have to think a lot for designing sprites of an iOS based game. You have to make a habit of of cropping sprites accurately and tightly while you draw.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a premium iOS game development company. Being from the industry of mobile game development, Mr. Roy knows the intricacies of creating entertaining games with interactive controls.

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